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pmsteinm -> H3:ANW - 1/3 Rule in Missions (12/2/2012 6:53:35 PM)

Is there a way to change this setting after a mission has already been created? Or is there at least a way to determine whether or not this was enabled for a given mission? The mission editor does not display this information after the initial creation dialog.

panzer56 -> RE: H3:ANW - 1/3 Rule in Missions (12/4/2012 7:47:27 AM)

Once a mission is created, it is not possible to change the 1/3 Rule setting.

There is an awkward method of finding out the current setting for any mission. If you want to know the details, post your request to the YouTube Harpoon for Dummies channel and a video will be prepared to show how it can be done.

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