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HowieWowie -> Before I Buy (12/2/2012 2:19:49 PM)

I've been considering purchase but I have some concerns. I've played a number of board games such as ASL and Combat Commander. The PC version of COH is definitely appealing as a means to scratch the squad level tactical itch.

So how is the AI?

There seems to be little or no multiplayer activity in the oppenents wanted section. Which makes me wonder how the game has sold? Or possibly players are meeting up elsewhere? I would like to get in some online play.


junk2drive -> RE: Before I Buy (12/2/2012 2:39:40 PM)

The AI is like most other games, good enough and it is scriptable. There is easy, normal and hard mode for solo play.

There have been a couple of beta updates that prevented play on the server but the current one (1.12) allows MP with a warning about compatibility with other players. Version number is displayed in the lobby. Some people hesitate to buy or play until an update or two are official and things stabilize. Hopefully people will get this game for the holidays or shortly after.

I think that once winter settles in and the holidays are over, people will be looking to play MP in their free time. Because of the dynamic style of play, it requires you to both be online at the same time, unlike PBEM.

z1812 -> RE: Before I Buy (12/2/2012 3:45:39 PM)

I enjoy a variety of different scales and systems in war games. I regularly play Combat Mission, and the HPS squad battles series. I also like The Command Ops series.

COH fits very well into my collection. This is the best board game conversion I have played. It really plays and feels like a boardgame however it is also truly a computer wargame. The maps are very nice as are the counters and 3D models.

The A.I. is quite able and trying different tactics is interesting. The actual game system is very innovative and is quite a good compromise between real time and turned base.

The game is not perfect but no game is. It is not easy to find an online opponent but you can say that of most games.

Gerry4321 -> RE: Before I Buy (12/2/2012 9:00:08 PM)

I have played ASL and CMBN so you have a perspective on my response.

I have lost to the COH AI but mostly, at Normal difficulty levels, I beat it as both sides in a scenario. But I have also done the same thing with the much vaunted CMBN. No AI can hold up to a human opponent.

I am hoping that the H2H stuff kicks in a bit more soon. When I was playing last weekend there was another game ongoing. I did not recognize the player names from the forums. So maybe they hooked up via some other method?

The interactive play of COH is quite interesting and immersive.


HowieWowie -> RE: Before I Buy (12/2/2012 11:00:16 PM)

Thanks for the responses. I went ahead and purchased. Just getting in to it. Like Gerry I hope that the H2H picks up.

Jamm -> RE: Before I Buy (12/3/2012 3:46:00 AM)


ORIGINAL: HowieWowie

Thanks for the responses. I went ahead and purchased. Just getting in to it. Like Gerry I hope that the H2H picks up.

Good decision.
If you like tactical, this system should fit like an old glove

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