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Icedawg -> PBEM Settings Question (12/2/2012 2:47:54 AM)

My opponent and I prefer to use different settings for the "message delay". I prefer 2 seconds and he prefers .1 seconds. A couple of times now, I have gotten a turn back and the message is set at .1 seconds. Unfortunately, the turn just runs with the messages flying by. I have reset the delay back to 2 seconds, and for a few turns it's fine, but then I find it has been set back to .1 seconds. Both my opponent and I were under the impression that the settings are individually set, but apparently, his settings are transferring to mine.

So, we're both going to be sure that the setting is set to what the other wants before sending the turn back. We both think this is a weird way to have the settings work. It seems like the game should automatically run at my settings when I am running the turn and at his settings when he is running the turn. Are we missing something here, or is there something messed up with the game file?

DaveConn -> RE: PBEM Settings Question (12/2/2012 4:21:19 AM)

You can change the message delay while watching the replay: CNTL+s to slow it down, CNTL+f to speed it up. Changes in .5 sec increments.

Icedawg -> RE: PBEM Settings Question (12/2/2012 8:07:57 AM)

Thanks. I'll use this in the event that my opponent forgets to reset.

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