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Cruis.In -> how to use supply ships (12/1/2012 2:40:55 PM)

how do you get resupply ships to resupply your fleet? Automate it and join it to the fleet? Cause I never seem to get them to work right. I deploy them to a planet then they undeploy, then i tell me fleet to refuel at them....its just weird, whats the exact procedure? The pedia says my supply ships need to be deployed, but when i select my fleet and tell it to refuel on them the deployed supply ship undeploys.

KAHUNA -> RE: how to use supply ships (12/1/2012 3:46:48 PM)

If that supply ship you deployed is part of the fleet it won't work.You need to seperate the supply ship first.then deploy it and it should work ok.

Cruis.In -> RE: how to use supply ships (12/1/2012 3:55:44 PM)


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