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Wartath -> Integrity - how to raise it? (12/1/2012 11:56:58 AM)

How can I raise my units integrity? It seems to be dropping steadily, even though units are in full supply and in HQ's range. What determines unit's integrity, and what are the things that lower it?

Bonners -> RE: Integrity - how to raise it? (12/1/2012 12:16:03 PM)

Integrity is all to do with how many troops are in the unit. The only way to raise it is to withdraw the unit from the frontlines and then set its replacements to priority. Basically a unit on low integrity will quite often break jsut because there are not enough troops in the front line trenches.

Reconvet -> RE: Integrity - how to raise it? (12/2/2012 10:11:43 AM)

As Bonners said. And you can take care there actually is stuff to send to this prioritized unit: Go buy a card of the troop type you need. So if you want to build up an infantry division fast, buy an infantry card and thus have Moscow/Berlin send an additional portion of foot soldiers to your pool. Especially for Axis the normal replacement rate is very slow, so buying replacement cards can really help you refill the ranks a bit better.

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