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catwhoorg -> Cat (CP) versus the AI (Balanced) (11/30/2012 2:08:54 PM)

This is my 3rd run through as the CP versus the balanced AI
(I may have spent a goodly portion of my week off last week playing wargames... [8|])

My strategic thoughts are that Russia will be easier to tackle than the West, so I will be leaning forces that way, once the Western front stabilises. (hopefully South of Paris [;)] ).
AH will focus on Serbia and then Italy looking to hold versus Russia, rather than advance. Germany will be the initial spearhead of any push into Russia.

Turkey will advance in the Caucasus, and have the long term goal of capturing Egypt, though given what I know of the AI, thats going to take a while, and require some extra help.

Turn 1:
Standard 3 inf attack obliterates the Serbian garrison. The first attack is not across a river hexside (so from the North). That to me is the key for a successful destruction.

The Temeschburg garrison hugs the Romanian border in its advance South.

The Russians are coming, so we have to prepare
The Budapest garrison gets a train ride to Lemberg.

Research: Focus given to Industrial Warfare
Production: One garrison, one infantry added to the queue.

(I ran the first half dozen turns last night, but my notes and screenies are not with me right now. More turns added later)

catwhoorg -> RE: Cat (CP) versus the AI (Balanced) (11/30/2012 11:19:52 PM)

Turn 2

New garrison placed SE of Lemberg

The AH forces in theater move to surround Belgrade.
Cetinje suffers a coastal bombardment and ground attack. This reduces its PP production to zero.

New Builds added to the queue: infantry and a garrison.


catwhoorg -> RE: Cat (CP) versus the AI (Balanced) (12/1/2012 12:19:27 AM)

Turn 3

German research focus: Barbed wire

Serbia Front.
Belgrade encirclement develops and the town is surrounded by the three inf.
Repair damaged units


Russian Front
New AH garrison in Krakow
German garrison in Konigsberg moves 1 hex NE, to fortify by the river. Infantry in Prussia, spread out in line with this garrison.
Fighters move ready to entrain for the West.


Western Front
German Ruhr garrison entrains for the Russian front (they were bad boys in a prior life, obviously)

Artillery bombards Liege, which is systematically taken out (again first attack from the North (non-river) side).
Two units assault Brussels, and take those defenders down to 2 strength.


German inf, German garrison, AH garrison

(mistake/error: I forgot to move the German fleet - oops)

catwhoorg -> RE: Cat (CP) versus the AI (Balanced) (12/1/2012 12:28:33 AM)

Turn 4

Serbian Front:
Garrision near Belgrade moves towards Niis, and repairs after being counter-attacked.
New AH inf added by Temeschburg


Russian Front:
Dig, dig, dig.
New AH garrison, NW of Krakow. New German garrison S of Danzig. German fleet moves into the Baltic (including the submarine)


Western Front:
The AI moved the armoured car from Antwerp to Brussels. This is a big mistake, as I force a series of retreats until it is destroyed adjacent to Calais. The Belgian infantry is destroyed in place despite its repairs, and Antwerp is taken without a fight. The Germans have broken through the lines big time and are streaming into Northern France. Move artillery up, and the fighters arrive by the Ruhr.


Production German inf and garrision. AH saves its production points.

catwhoorg -> RE: Cat (CP) versus the AI (Balanced) (12/1/2012 12:52:43 AM)

Turn 5

Turn 4 allies, the French shuffle North and West. Attacking an unentrenched garrison in the Ardennes. The Serbs attack Sarajavo, knocking production down by 1PP, but taking more damage than they gave out.

Von Hindenberg arrives for Germany, and is assigned to the Schliffen forces.
Von Hortzendorf arrives for AH, and is placed NW of Lemberg in a newly placed infantry.

Serbian front:
Belgrade is attacked by 4 separate infantry attacks. reduced to Strength 5. Its a tough fight with no artillery.
Repair damaged garrisons.

Russian Front:
New garrison placed NE of Breslau, plus the previous discussed AH move. Baltic fleet moves up.
The cossacks ARE coming


Western Front:
Calais falls.
The French garrison 2 NW of Verdun gets mauled (down to 5). Schliffen forces threaten both Paris and Rouen. Fighters move up to provide aerial recon.


AH Artillery
German infantry

catwhoorg -> RE: Cat (CP) versus the AI (Balanced) (12/1/2012 1:12:21 AM)

Turn 6

Entente attacks German garrisons in the West. Minimal damage. Serbian forces near Niis attack the garrison that advanced. Serbian garrision withdraws from the border, Belgrade is effectively isolated.
Russians attack Lemberg, but it (just) holds. Move up to the border in Prussia.

Serbian Front.
AH forces encircle Belgrade, and repair for the next attack.

Russian Front.
General advance in Poland, including attacks on Warsaw.
AH infantry moves into the Lemberg Trenches and heavily damages the cossacks nearby.
General attritive attacks across a broad front.

Western Front.
Forces move on and threaten Paris. Artillery moves up. In a silly move, I leave Calais unoccupied with the BEF at sea just by it. I doubt the AI will skip the chance to recapture from the sea.
German infantry placed near the Ruhr.

Germany SELLS naval lab.

Germany inf and garrison
AH Infantry

catwhoorg -> RE: Cat (CP) versus the AI (Balanced) (12/1/2012 1:27:04 AM)

Turn 7
Entente forces miss a beat, Calais is not re-occupied from the sea.
Russians move up - including an inf next to Warsaw and make some general attacks.
The French shorten their line slightly.
Serbians make an attack on the garrison by Niss and Cattaro.

Serbian Front:
The Belgrade infantry attack the Serbian Garrison outside the perimeter as a target of oppurtunity. Awaiting support before reducing Belgrade.
Some replacements fill out units which are not involved.

Russian Front;
New production garrison placed by Konigsberg. New production infantry by Danzig.
Convoy is at sea and in range of the Russian Fleet. Will they sail ?
Some attritive attacks, and much repair, especially in the AH sector.

Western Front:
Von Falkenhayn arrives to organise the trench warfare around Strasburg.
The garrison in the salient is shuffled to the South for a respite from attacks.
Rouen falls, and the garrison destroyed. Two other French garrisions are the targets of attrition attacks. Last turns production in the Ruhr is moved up.
Paris is ripe.


Production: (none)

Empire101 -> RE: Cat (CP) versus the AI (Balanced) (12/1/2012 6:54:57 AM)

Good start cat!!

catwhoorg -> RE: Cat (CP) versus the AI (Balanced) (12/1/2012 3:35:19 PM)

Turn 8

Entente forces mainly repair. The French move a garrison with the aim of distracting the Paris attack. The Serbs in Belgrade attack the encircling inf.

Serbian front:
Rest Forces/repair in place. The AH artillery is one turn away.

Russian Front:
The AH forces make an incursion and destroy a Russian cavalry.
in the North the new production infantry, moves up and attacks a garrison. Forcing a retreat. By Koenigsberg, the entrenched infanty moves one hex North to the vacant hex.
The new garrison, takes over the vacated trenches. This is often how I have been building a line.
Have the inf move to vacant hexes, as they are less likely to be attacked whilst digging. the garrisions take over the existing trenches.
In the Center a little more pressure is applied around Warsaw.
Convoy docks in Koenigsberg.

Western Front:
With the artillery bombardment, and units over the Marne, it was really no contest. Destroy the cheeky garrison afterwards. Cavalry move up and threaten Dijon.


Placing the new infantry was a difficult decision. I ended up going with the Western front. Following up the breakthrough and placing it near the Ruhr.
This is a change from the original plan, but then again I did not expect to take Paris, certainly not this early.

Production. Germany needs some filler in the West, and picks up two garrisions.

catwhoorg -> RE: Cat (CP) versus the AI (Balanced) (12/1/2012 3:50:52 PM)

Turn 9.
Russian forces responded to the AH incursion and drive a garrison back. The BEF (garrison) moves up to Paris, a foolhardy move.
The Russian fleet runs into the German one.
AH has a breakthrough in industrial warfare.

Serbian Front.
Place inf and artillery. Refit/repair all units.

Russian Front.
Sub, cruiser and finally the battleships maul the Russian fleet (down to strength 4)
AH repairs/refits the garrisons, the infantry moves onwards towards Brest-Liovsk.

Western Front.
Maul the BEF garrison, and a French infantry. Advance next to Dijon. With a misclick I meant to actually try to take the town. *sigh*

Three units added to the Western Front OOB, one inf and two garrisons. Going for a knockout blow against the French

Add an infantry and Cavalry to the German queue. The AH PP's were all spent on the army refit.

catwhoorg -> RE: Cat (CP) versus the AI (Balanced) (12/1/2012 4:14:57 PM)

Turn 10

Entente moved to counter the AH move on Brest-Litovsk. Start shuffling forces South from the Prussian line.
The French encircle the advanced cavalry, and pull units out from the Verdun pocket.

Serbian Front.
In a deliberate attack Belgrade falls.

Russian Front.
Russian fleet is sunk, pull the German cruisers back for repair.
AH pulls the damaged inf back to Lemberg. The front line garrisons are now entrenched, and much more likely to hold.
Quiet up North.
Convoy enroute

Western Front.
Almost destroy a BEF infantry near Rouen. Destroy a French garrison and heavily damage another. Capture Orleans.
Relieve Cavalry from being cut-off, but they may not last the out of supply counters

Research. Germans acquire barbed wire, focus on grenades (1 turn out). AH sells the air lab.
Production: AH adds an infantry, as does Germany.

catwhoorg -> RE: Cat (CP) versus the AI (Balanced) (12/1/2012 4:33:26 PM)

Turn 11
Turkey goes to War.

The Entente cut off the Orleans advance. The BEF damage an infantry near Rouen. Russians badly damage a German garrison near Warsaw.

Serbian Front:
General attack, and move artillery up towards Niis. Force a garrison to retreat and look to exploit this hole.

Constantinople infantry hop on the train towards Palestine. Advance towards Sarikamish in the Caucasus. Palestinian forces dig. Cavalry move to Jerusalem.

Russian Front;
Convoy arrives. German infantry moves up out of Prussia, and garrison backfills the trenches.
AH move up towards the Russian lines in a general advance.

Western Front.
Relieve Orleans, and badly damage the French infantry. Isolate Verdun pocket.

Turkey buys an infantry lab, and focuses on Industrial warfare.

Production: AH queues up an infantry.

catwhoorg -> RE: Cat (CP) versus the AI (Balanced) (12/1/2012 5:04:34 PM)

Turn 12

Russia forces make a drive towards Danzig. Serbs withdraw and realign. British forces make a mess of the Aquaba garrison. An escorted British Transport appears near the Adriatic

Serbian Front.
Move into position for a Niis assault. Sink the British reinforcements, the fleet is exposed however.

Constantinople infantry finishes the train ride to Damascus. Move up next to Sarikamish, find a Russian infantry.

Russian Front:
AH hold, with a single attack with the inf for attrition.
Germans cut off the move towards Danzig

Western Front:
Reduce the Verdun pocket to the fortress itself.
Move more forces to Dijon, advance on Nantes and Lyon. Repair and refit those units that did not attack
The French are in complete disarray.

Research. Germany gets grenades and applies a focus to Armed Aircraft
Production. 2 Turkish garrisons - need warm bodies on the line

catwhoorg -> RE: Cat (CP) versus the AI (Balanced) (12/1/2012 5:24:37 PM)

Turn 13
Winter arrives.

Entente attack the AH cruisers near Serbia. A British Sub appear in the Baltic and slightly damages the German cruiser.
Aquaba falls.

Serbian Front.
Niis assaulted, general pressure applied elsewhere. The AH cruisers withdraw, but the battlefleet heavily damages a French Cruiser.
AH deploys a new inf by Sarajavo

Gallipoli infantry starts the train-ride to the Front. Replaced with a garrison, which will dig.
Sarikamish now has 4 hexes controlled around it.
Deploy garrisons near Tabuk and Jerusalem

Russian front.
badly damage the British Sub. Destroy the Russian garrison that moved towards Danzig
General repair and rest.

Western Front
Capture Lyon and Nantes. Destroy two BEF infantry.
Hammer away at Verdun.

Germany focuses on Steel Helmet

Ah adds a Cavalry to the Queue

Myrddraal -> RE: Cat (CP) versus the AI (Balanced) (12/1/2012 5:31:44 PM)

Wow... The French surely can't hold out much longer. This might be a short game.

catwhoorg -> RE: Cat (CP) versus the AI (Balanced) (12/1/2012 5:40:39 PM)

Turn 14

British move up towards Jerusalem, so far ignoring Gaza. Serbians rejig defence near Niis, but its doomed to fail.
French contract lines further.

Serbia Front.
Destroy Serb garrison by Niss, isolate the town. General attrition accross the front. Pull a garrison to Trietse to begin trenchwork
(Italy still is 10+ turns out, but want to be careful here)
Withdraw battlefleet to home waters

Surround Sarikamish, dig dig dig.

Russian Front.
apply pressure North of Warsaw, move Cavalry into position to exploit any breakthrough.
Repair ships. New AH infantry placed on this front.

Capture Verdun. Move Towards Toulouse, Bordeaux and Brest

Production: AH adds a Cavalry

catwhoorg -> RE: Cat (CP) versus the AI (Balanced) (12/1/2012 5:44:15 PM)

Turn 14 - Entente
French Rail a unit to Toulhouse, shuffle in the Dijon Sector. Serbs are quiet, Brits attack near Jerusalem, and force the flanking garrison to retreat.
Russians shuffle North to counter my thrust out of Prussia.

Daughter's naptime is over, so thats it for now

catwhoorg -> RE: Cat (CP) versus the AI (Balanced) (12/2/2012 5:48:22 PM)

With a business trip (leaving later today) i had hoped to get the French Surrender done this morning, but alas.
Will continue with the AAR once I return

Empire101 -> RE: Cat (CP) versus the AI (Balanced) (12/5/2012 6:04:08 PM) have demolished the French..well done!!

catwhoorg -> RE: Cat (CP) versus the AI (Balanced) (12/9/2012 3:17:36 AM)

Unwinding after arriving back from Germany this week. Going to play a turn or two.

Turn 15

Serbian Front
Capture Niis. Further general attacks on the Serbian Front.

Reduce Sarikamish a bit. I think I got the worse of the deal.
Rail an inf to next to Damascus and withdraw the damaged garrison.
Still 20+ until Bulgaria joins and I can rail artillery down here.

Russian Front
Mainly repair and refit.
Minor AH attack in the South

Western Front
Move garrisons to the channel ports (anti-invasion)
Brest has a 50% supply French inf, so attack that, but really need to rest the units there.
Take Bordeaux - undefended, reduce the forces by Dijon.

catwhoorg -> RE: Cat (CP) versus the AI (Balanced) (12/9/2012 3:35:43 AM)

Turn 15 Entente Response,
The French are not dead yet, and move a fresh inf into Dijon and destroy the weakened German Inf.
Russians move to counter the AH.

Serbs surround an AH inf, but not for long! The French Battlefleet attacks the AH battleships

Brits pull South a touch in Palestine. Maybe going to make a move on Tabuk.

Turn 16

Serbian Front
Drive on Skopje
Heavily damage the French fleet.

Repair and dig

Russian Front
Repair and dig
Convoy arrives

Western Front
Capture Dijon and destory 2 French units
Repair the inf by Brest.
Deliberate attacks on Toulhouse, will fall next turn
reach the coast by Marseille, which is garrisoned with an inf

Production AH Cavalry arrives, placed by Lemberg
Add to queue
AH inf
Turkish inf and Garrison

catwhoorg -> RE: Cat (CP) versus the AI (Balanced) (12/9/2012 3:55:49 AM)

T16 Entente Response
Briish Cruisers attack the AH cruisers, and the French Fleet self destructs against the AH battlefleet.
I'm tempted to push to sink the Brits, but just don't have the forces needed.
Russians Probs the AH sector

Serbs desperately try to cling on.
Brits Isolate Gaza and land an INF by Brest (heavily disrupted)

Turn 17
Serbian Front
Capture Skopje
Retire the fleet to base for repairs.

Continue to build the Beirut-Damascus defense line

German Forces begin an outflanking effort to the North.
Not much else, some defensive shuffling and spoiling attacks.

Smack the British arrival hard. Capture Toulouse, start moving some inf to the Russian Front.

Add 2 Zepplins
AH cavalry placed on the Russian Front

catwhoorg -> RE: Cat (CP) versus the AI (Balanced) (12/9/2012 3:59:08 AM)

T17 Entente France Surrenders
Brits Capture Gaza
Russians hit the AH hard, and destroy a garrison.

catwhoorg -> RE: Cat (CP) versus the AI (Balanced) (12/9/2012 5:29:41 PM)

Turn 18

Very Minor action. The envelopment North in Russia continues.
Serbia lose one of its three remaining units.

Western forces are moving towards garrison positions (versus a British amphibious assault) or Eastwards.

Turn 19
Further shifting of forces East.

The Fortress at Kovno falls to the Northern flanking maneuver

Quiet in Palestine, but the Turks are now all upgraded to industrial warfare. They will be tougher to dislodge.
Serbia down to one, badly damaged and disrupted unit

catwhoorg -> RE: Cat (CP) versus the AI (Balanced) (12/9/2012 5:59:19 PM)

Turn 20
Serbia Falls. Sarikamish falls in the Caucasus

Continue the Eastwards March. Generally quiet.

Turn 21

Riga threatened in the North, and AH breaks through to threaten Brest-Litovsk in the South sector.
German artillery in position by Warsaw

Entente rearrange forces. An artillery is potted near Riga, this must be taken out quickly.
Brits attack near Tabuk, little initial effect.

Turn 22
Two German Zepplins appear, They will move up to the Channel coast next turn and start bombing the British Morale away.

Start encircling Riga (and trying to get to the artillery as well). Warsaw isolated, waiting a turn before the attack, so they are at half supply and my artillery is less disrupted.

Entente action
Brits now have artillery in theatre, this could get messy. Thankfully the Turks just got barbed wire, so will be better entrenched.

catwhoorg -> RE: Cat (CP) versus the AI (Balanced) (12/9/2012 6:11:04 PM)

Turn 23

Russian front suddenly has turned a whole lot more open. Central units streaming through breaks in the lines, and a pocket of Russian units cutoff from supply.


Turks start encircling Tiflis

Zeppelins into position by the coast. Further shifts of German forces East.
The AH forces from Serbia are almost all in position to assault Italy.

In Entene action the Brits move up to the entrenched Beirut Damascus line, and pull their forces away from Tabuk.

Now the NFL calls. :)

catwhoorg -> RE: Cat (CP) versus the AI (Balanced) (12/10/2012 10:19:39 PM)

Turn 24

The blitz has begun.

Russia Front
Riga is now encircled, and cutoff from supply.
Another Russian inf is isolated and will be destroyed next turn.
The Germans are advancing, AH is more slow and deliberate

The expected Italian Front is more or less in position

Palestine: The turks attack an exposed British garrison, causing some significant losses.

Russians counter attack near Vilna, driving the Germans back a little. Brits move up in Palestine.

Turn 25

Italy now shows 0-2 turns before entry

The Blitz continues

Germans Start the reduction of Riga, and move more forces up into the Vilna area

AH surrounds Brest-Litovsk.


Turkey begins surrounding Tiflis, and heavily damage a British inf infront of their defensive line.
Germans add another submarine to the build queue.

We WILL starve the Brits to surrender if we have to.

Entente turn.
Russians counter near Brest-Litovsk with little effect
British fighters appear in the skies of Palestine.

catwhoorg -> RE: Cat (CP) versus the AI (Balanced) (12/10/2012 10:35:26 PM)

Turn 26
The Blitz continues, and the sole German submarine attacks a convoy enroute to the UK.

The Turks encircle Tiflis, and repair their frontline forces in Palestine

AH upgrades the 'Italian front' with grenades (and most of their Russian forces

German nearly encircles Vilna, and moves the artillery into range of Brest-Litovsk
Riga undergoes further attacks

Convoy arrives

Russians withdraw from Riga

Turn 27
the Blitz continues

The Turks attack a British garrison in Palestine that moved up to the Front line as well as beginning the assault on Tiflis.

Riga falls
Vilna isolated
Brest-Litovsk heavily attacked, but just holds

Forces advance on Minsk.

(as an aside the Italians still show 0-2 turns, but the timer is red. Does this mean they are goign to sit it out ?)

Russians withdraw, British fling themselves ineffectually at the Turkish line

catwhoorg -> RE: Cat (CP) versus the AI (Balanced) (12/10/2012 10:53:02 PM)

Turn 28
The Blitz continues (about 1 in 3 attacks is succeeding right now - need more research obviously)
A new German sub is added in Wilhelmshaven

Germans take Vilna, and Brest-Litovsk.
Minsk is surrounded.

AH upgrade/repair/refit their forces on the Russian front.

Turks attack Tiflis again, but to little effect, and rotate forces in their line to move a slightly disrupted inf back for a rest.

Brits attack the Turkish line again for minimal effects

Turn 29
The Blitz is suspended for a turn for upgrades

The second sub transits the channel.

Pskov and Vitebsk threatened.

AH Cavalry clears the marshes and threatens the whole of the Ukraine.


Still no Italians
Brits trying to Outflank the Turks

catwhoorg -> RE: Cat (CP) versus the AI (Balanced) (12/10/2012 11:10:14 PM)

Turn 30

Blitz Resumes

Pskov and Kiev Fall

Turks counter the British flanking

6-8 Turns for Bulgarian entry

Germany buys another Zeppelin.
AH buys another artillery

Entente turn
"the race inland" continues

Turn 31
Russia is in disarray.
Gomel and Vinnytsia both fall

Petrograd, Novgorod, Bryansk and Dnepropetrovsk threatened

Entente turn
Brits break through the Turkish line (a garrison retreats and then is detsroyed)

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