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nervi -> patch? (11/30/2012 11:08:53 AM)

So, huh, when will there be a patch out?

At this moment, I am just waiting to start a second game, because I just dont like games ending due to bugs.
I am glad you are working hard to reproduce bugs and busy with fixing them, I appreciate that.

The game cost quite some time and the last bug, even with an older savefile I kept running in the same bug.
That is reason, I am delaying playing this game, till I know the fix is out, dont want to "waste" time, starting up games and then get stuck.

Anyway, is there a chance, we get a fix before the weekend? :D

Myrddraal -> RE: patch? (11/30/2012 11:16:44 AM)

Not this weekend I'm afraid. Note that the patch will be savegame compatible, you'll be able to continue any saved games you've started. The fatal error you received is linked to the randomisation of the date of entry into the war of the Ottoman empire and has a very low probability of occuring. Unfortunately, as you've noticed, going back to an earlier savegame won't help you, but if you start a new game the chances are high you won't hit this bug again.

As I said, you'll be able to continue your savegames when the patch is released.

nervi -> RE: patch? (11/30/2012 6:48:07 PM)

ah, will try another game then

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