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gusington1 -> End Game Errors (11/29/2012 10:46:02 PM)

Hi all...I was routed here by Lord Zimoa for my tech issue. My game ran fine until the very last phases of the long campaign, where different little things began to fall apart, small details really. The big item was that the game would lock up and then I did not receive an endgame message...the game just locked and ended.

If you can tell me where I can find my save game files I will attach.

I really do enjoy the game, it's immersive and well put together and I am going to play again. I just want to see if there is any explanation for what happened to my first campaign other than a memory leak or something.


Lord Zimoa -> RE: End Game Errors (11/29/2012 11:01:31 PM)

Thanks, here are all the instructions, where and how you can find and post the log and savegame, so we can investigate:


gusington1 -> RE: End Game Errors (11/29/2012 11:37:16 PM)

^Thanks, will post the file soon.

gusington1 -> RE: End Game Errors (11/29/2012 11:44:08 PM)

OK here is the log file. I have the autosave and the autosaveendgame file too...how do I attach here?

Log date: 2012-11-26 20:36:57
[20:36:57][1794][3]Commander: The Great War(v 1.1.2)
[20:36:57][1794][8]Operating system: Windows 7 Service Pack 1
[20:36:57][1794][8]Number of processors: 4
[20:36:57][1794][3]Audio device used: Generic Software
[20:36:57][1794][8]OpenGL 1.5: OK
[20:36:57][1794][8]OpenGL Context version: 2.1
[20:36:57][1794][8]OpenGL Vendor: NVIDIA Corporation
[20:36:57][1794][8]OpenGL Renderer: GeForce GTX 560 Ti/PCIe/SSE2
[20:36:57][1794][3]Setting vsync
[20:36:57][1794][3]Initializing video player
[20:36:57][1794][8]Allocating new vertex buffer
[20:36:57][1794][3]Loading main script
[20:36:57][1794][3]Loading app script
[20:36:57][1794][3]Script init
[20:36:57][1794][3]App version:1.1.2
[20:36:57][1794][5]Today is: 27.11.2012
[20:36:57][1794][8]Starting track: main_menu
[20:37:02][1794][8]Creating new audio source. Count: 0
[20:37:11][1794][8]Map loaded in 0.026sec
[20:37:11][1794][8]Maximum texture size: 16384
[20:37:13][1794][Warning]Scene initialized in: 1.853 seconds
[20:37:13][1794][Warning] Memory usage: 1999164 bytes
[20:37:13][1794][Warning] Memory allocation time: 0.003 sec
[20:37:13][1794][Warning] Memory deallocation time: 0.003 sec
[20:37:13][1794][8]Starting track: game3
[20:37:13][1794][Warning]Hud initialized in:0.535 seconds
[20:37:18][1794][8]Creating new audio source. Count: 1
[20:37:18][1794][8]Creating new audio source. Count: 2
[20:37:18][1794][5]Staring game turn 82
[20:37:18][1794][5]Phase start: central_powers
[20:37:18][1794][Warning]Negative morale: -15
[20:37:18][1794][8]Unit #1153 killed
[20:37:18][1794][4]AiMakeTurn() for central_powers
[20:37:18][1794][4]*** Starting naval AI ***
[20:37:18][1794][8]Removing gfx for unit #1153
[20:37:19][1794][4]Resume: false, AI/pc.ai:0: attempt to index field 'unit' (a nil value)
[20:37:19][1794][Error][C]:-1(global error) :34: AI/pc.ai:0: attempt to index field 'unit' (a nil value)
[20:37:19][1794][Error][C]:-1(global error) :34: AI/pc.ai:0: attempt to index field 'unit' (a nil value)

Myrddraal -> RE: End Game Errors (11/30/2012 9:58:31 AM)

Please zip the files, and then you can attach them to your post. Otherwise, I'll pm you an email address to send them to.

gusington1 -> RE: End Game Errors (11/30/2012 2:04:06 PM)

Thanks, I will email them to you later today.

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