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Gerry4321 -> Printing Maps? (11/29/2012 12:48:37 AM)


Is there any way to print a scenario map (for planning purposes). Would like just the map w/o units. Maybe a way to export as a jpg and print??



junk2drive -> RE: Printing Maps? (11/29/2012 12:56:38 AM)

Over at Academy games are 8.5x11 pdf maps for all the games. Don't know about non standard maps.

ericbabe -> RE: Printing Maps? (11/29/2012 5:49:57 PM)

The way I made the maps for the scenario introductions went something like:

- Load the game with the console enabled by using the "console" program argument in a shortcut to the game (if this works you should see "console" displayed in the bottom left hand corner of the main menu -- I can give more explicit instructions if necessary)
- Load scenarios with FOW turned off (or use the "see" command in the console to show everything)
- Use the keys to disable the display of the interfaces ('i') and units ('v')
- Open the console using the '`' key
- Entering "freecam" in the console, which turns off the movement restrictions of the camera
- Position the camera at a point of view that can see the entire map
- Taking a screenshot

I thought about trying to make this programmatic -- having a map-snapshot feature that would automatically reproduce all these steps for you -- but I'm not sure how many people would actually use such a feature, and the method I described above really doesn't take too many steps.

Gerry4321 -> RE: Printing Maps? (11/29/2012 6:49:32 PM)

Thanks for the replies. I may ask for help later with console mode.

I might as well state what I would really love to have! I love perusing the scenario/firefight cards you can download from Academy Games in pdf format. They have everything about the scenario on the card including the map. Beautifully laid out. I can peruse these anytime I have a few minutes and they help me:
1. choose a scenario that looks interesting or avoid one that would be overwhelming for me at the moment.
2. plan how to conduct the fight using the data on units, the map and objectives, CAPs, etc.

I find this so fun. It is not the same opening up each scenario inside the game.

I hope I am not the only one and, if others ask, maybe Eric and Erik can provide pdfs for all firefights.

Here's hoping,


junk2drive -> RE: Printing Maps? (11/30/2012 1:16:51 AM)

This should be a sticky thread in the Maps and Scenarios forum.

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