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stormbringer3 -> The AI. (11/28/2012 4:23:56 PM)

When I play as the Central Powers the AI does an excellent job and is one tough opponent. In fact it defeats me me more a lot often than I defeat it. When I play as the Entente it is a completely different story. I've started three campaigns as the Entente. Serbia has never been conquered and I've only lost Antwerp once. The biggest issue IMO is that Austria-Hungary doesn't focus on conquering Serbia. They send forces to France and Russia while Serbia sits there. If Serbia is conquered all the Austrian forces on that front can be moved elsewhere. I recommend in a future patch that the AI be tweaked so Austria-Hungary will focus on conquering Serbia before they send troops to France and substantial forces to the Russian front. I also think that the AI should try harder to conquer Antwerp ASAP.

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