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dontra85 -> ground withdrawals (11/28/2012 5:55:50 AM)

I have been away from the game in afghanistan for awhile and am just starting up again. I have always played the japanese and never had to worry about ground unit withdrawals. Any ideas on how to do it. do the units need to be sent to the east coast and cape town respectively or is it automatic. air units are disbanded and ships can be withdrawn at certain ports but not very good info on the ground units.

Roger Neilson 3 -> RE: ground withdrawals (11/28/2012 7:09:08 AM)

Allied ground units do as they are told and simply disappear from the board when their withdrawal comes up. Its the planes and the ships that need to be watched for.


jmalter -> RE: ground withdrawals (11/28/2012 10:02:27 AM)

RN3 has it right, LCUs are withdrawn automatically. not sure on this, but if an LCU is loaded on ships, it can't be withdrawn & you'll pay a PP price.

some LCUs have the note 'out of theater', their components aren't added back to your device pools when they withdraw.

for withdrawing airgroups, always remove any reserve aircraft before allowing them to withdraw. some w/d airgroups will be scheduled to return later, others have the 'withdraw' option grayed out and can only be disbanded. if the airgroup must disband, empty its pilots to the reserve pool, & consider downgrading its planes to last-line aircraft before disbanding the group.

for ships, fly off any CV or FP air components to the local base before withdrawing. these airgroups can be useful trainers, & you won't take any PP heat if the ship is withdrawn w/o its planes.

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