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Bonners -> Minor bugs - Uranus - 1.04beta (11/27/2012 8:20:19 PM)

Not too sure if these will have been ironed out in the full release of the patch, but thought I'd report them just in case.

The first one is replacement arrivals, I noticed this for the first two turns of January 1943. I get '100x -n/a-'. I am sure these are very useful but I have no idea what they are[:D]

The second one unfortunately I dont know when they arrived, but I have 200 SS staff in OKH. Unless I'm missing something I cant see and have an SS HQ in my list of units to create, I'm not too sure how they can be used? Are they supposed to be there and if so am I supposed to be able to create an SS corps?

The final one is just in the reinforcement schedule, the Hungarian armoured division, it is not really clear when it is supposed to be turning up.

As I said, all really minor things, certainly nothing game changing.


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