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rroberson -> Once more with feeling (11/27/2012 2:43:31 AM)

Okay, I'm back yet again for more drubbings. I'm actually looking for two games as I just lost two of the four games I usually have going...one Im sure you read about and the other was about a six month long game. BOTH of them were letting me finally play the Allies, something I almost never get to experience in all my time playing.

Soooo what I am looking for is a Japanese player or two. We can discuss house rules but Im pretty easy going about them. My only thing big deal is I'd like American torpedoes to go boom. Too many times the last two games I watched them not go boom. But even that is something we can discuss.

I usually get out 7 plus turns in a week as I prefer a faster paced game. I also prefer two day turns as it really helps the pace of the game itself....

...my 1 dream remains to get past mid 43 in a game.

Also I would pick up an abandon game out there as the Allies...gets me past that first year of boredom even faster.

John 3rd -> RE: Once more with feeling (12/1/2012 3:44:58 AM)

Good Luck Sir!

Glad to see you climbing into the saddle again...

gunny3013 -> RE: Once more with feeling (12/1/2012 4:50:56 AM)


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