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SapperAstro_MatrixForum -> Can you play a single nation? (11/26/2012 1:18:27 PM)

Just wondering if you can play a single nation? Or do you have to play an entire alliance?

catwhoorg -> RE: Can you play a single nation? (11/26/2012 1:36:15 PM)

The entire alliance, including the minor power on each side.

BYU 14 -> RE: Can you play a single nation? (11/26/2012 4:11:02 PM)

I wouldn't let that discourage you. Playing an entire side on WW I Gold was sometimes overwhelming, but it is very manageable (and enjoyable) in this game.

wodin -> RE: Can you play a single nation? (11/26/2012 5:42:01 PM)

As stated by BYU WW1Gold is alot of work comapred to Commander and from the AAR's it doesn't seem to much even taking on all the Entente for instance.

In WW1Gold I always wanted to just concentrate on say the West front but it wasn't to be. There is a world of difference in case load comapred to the two games by the looks of it. Commander will suit more people I think.

SapperAstro_MatrixForum -> RE: Can you play a single nation? (11/27/2012 12:59:08 PM)

It isn't the work load that bothers me, just the whole hivemind aspect going on. It has never sat right with me and I generally avoid games that do this. I don't mind the AI having it this way because, well, the AI can usually use all the help it can get...

Now, I don't mind such teams as France/UK = one player, or UK/US = one player. Similar ideologies, and nations that really worked together. Also minor nations should usually be controlled by the big boss, though there are various historical reasons to add some form of constraint to this from time to time.

Lumping Russia with the Western Allies is a bit of a stretch, and I feel almost like I am cheating in a way, not to mention it being an immersion killer for me. The Axis/Central Powers being one 'lump' doesn't effect me as much, though it does bother me to a degree. I am sure old Adolf would have loved to have Musso on a tight leash instead of attacking Greece et al and making him postpone Barbarossa[;)]. And even thinking of Stalin really doing things to help the Western Allies...[:D].

I still remember when I first saw Strategic Command come out. "Wonderful!" I thought. A replacement for my old 'Clash of Steel' game. Then I found out that you have to play the entire Allies as one group. Still haven't bought it.

Not saying I won't buy, as it is a WW1 game and these are a rarity and don't affect me quite as much in a WW1 setting, but it is definately a cross against the game for me.

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