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Naughteous Maximus -> Aircraft Range? (11/25/2012 11:02:20 PM)

If an aircraft has a radius of 163, how many hexes is that? How is the range projected in the game?

Helpless -> RE: Aircraft Range? (11/26/2012 3:09:15 PM)

163/10=16 hexes

Naughteous Maximus -> RE: Aircraft Range? (11/26/2012 6:55:56 PM)

Is that 16 hexes one way or 8 hexes out and 8 hexes to return?

TulliusDetritus -> RE: Aircraft Range? (11/26/2012 7:14:25 PM)

Radius = range / 2

That or maybe I got all wrong [X(]

Helpless -> RE: Aircraft Range? (11/26/2012 8:36:14 PM)

Radius means reachable hexes from the base and back.

Gunnulf -> RE: Aircraft Range? (11/26/2012 8:39:04 PM)

Radius is the distance the squadron can fly out to a target from its base.

Kamikaze units can double this range... ;)

Helpless -> RE: Aircraft Range? (11/26/2012 11:19:42 PM)


Kamikaze units can double this range... ;)

They do more than that as base is changing coordinates to infinite numbers once they reach target.

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