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junk2drive -> Game Options (11/25/2012 1:23:09 PM)

Here are the current game options. They can be changed while in the lobby for MP games. The host settings are the ones in use.

Rule Options – Rule Options affect the way the game is played. Options cannot be changed during a game. This includes saved games: if you save a game with a certain set of options, change your options for another game, then load the saved game later, your options will revert to the set from the saved game. Click the option to change the setting: “Yes” for on, “No” for off.

Fog of War – If fog-of-war is turned on, players cannot see hexes that are outside of the line-of-sight of their units.

Variable Action Points – Instead of receiving the standard 7 APs per unit at the beginning of a round, a player may receive variable action points instead. The player may choose from two variable action point options:
+ 2D6: the sum of two (virtual) six-sided die rolls, or + 3D6 High-Low: the sum of the highest and lowest die rolls on three (virtual) six-sided dice. This gives less volatile results.

If the Dice Camera is turned on, the player makes these rolls himself. (See the Dice Camera document for details.)

Difficulty Level – To increase the challenge of playing against computer-controlled opponents, increase the difficulty level. At higher difficulty levels, the computer opponent receives a variety of material advantages. See the FAQ document for details.

Foot Unit Cautious Movement – If foot unit cautious movement is turned on, any infantry squad unit that makes a normal move into a hex that lacks a defense bonus suffers a -1 defense modifier, during the opponent’s turn. To avoid this penalty, units can spend extra AP to move cautiously. To move cautiously, hold down the CTRL key while right-clicking when issuing a move order. This adds +1 to the AP cost for each move. (See below for rules on movement and combat.)

Random Quality – If this option is turned on, units that would otherwise start with Regular quality level instead have their quality level randomized. (See Unit Quality for more information.)

Persistant AP or Classic AP
At the request of many players we have added a Rules Option to allow players to play the game
with a set of AP rules that are more similar to the rules used by the board game version of
"Conflict of Heroes" in lieu of the persistent AP rules normally used by the computer game. This
feature is not yet completely implemented: we plan to add support for command actions, stalling,
interface improvements, AI optimization, and the like in future game updates. This feature is not
explained in the tutorials, and playing with this mode turned 'on' inside in the tutorials will cause
the tutorials to act strangely. This feature has not been thoroughly tested, and therefore ought to
be regarded as being still in a beta state.
Playing in "Classic AP" mode causes all your units' AP values to be hidden until such time as the
unit is selected. Whenever a unit is deselected (see below), it loses all remaining APs. Play still
proceeds back-and-forth between players with each player taking a single action in turn.
IMPORTANT: While playing in "Classic AP" mode the only way to deselect a piece is by
pressing the ESCAPE key. When a piece is deselected in this manner it loses all of its remaining
APs. We disabled the other interface methods of switching units and deselecting units in this
mode so that players can avoid accidentally deselecting a unit and causing that unit to lose all of
its remaining APs.

These options add some randomness to the game in addition to the already random cards.

junk2drive -> RE: Game Options (11/25/2012 1:33:51 PM)

For single player, the optional difficulty level does this


*What does game difficulty do?

Game difficulty gives the AI a number of material advantages. Each level of difficulty above
"Easy" gives computer controlled opponents:

- A 22.5% chance of having an additional unit for each starting or reinforcing unit it normally

- 25% more CAPs per turn.

- 1 additional AP per unit above "Normal" difficulty.

- Increased chance of higher unit quality according to a non-linear formula.

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