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martok -> General questions (11/25/2012 11:32:47 AM)

I know the game is still a long ways away from being released, but I was hoping that you guys might be willing to divulge a little more info on this one. I've long wanted to lose myself in a grand strategy fantasy title, and Sovereignty sounds quite promising!

Anyway, I have a few random questions about the game I wanted to ask. (My apologies if these have already been covered...)

1.) Would you consider Sovereignty to be more of a "4x" title (where exploring the map is one of the major components of gameplay) or more in the style of the Total War/Europa Universalis series (where you already know more or less where everyone's start position is)?

2.) Tangentially-related, is the map randomly generated each time? Or is it just one map (and therefore the main variation is which location/faction you start with)?

3.) How big are armies in this game? In other words, does one unit represent just one soldier/champion/creature/etc., or does one unit represent multiples (10/20/100/etc.) of them?

4.) Victory conditions: Is merely conquering the map the only way to win? What about winning via diplomacy (alliance) victory? Magic (epic spell) victory? "Grand Quest" victory?

Breca -> RE: General questions (4/17/2013 4:29:34 PM)

This one took a long time answering. I can't answer too many specific questions just yet, as we are awaiting release of the official website, and you can expect a lot more feedback/interaction with me then in beta.

The campaign map is more in the style of Europa Univeralis, Total War. It's a hand-crafted province-based map, so no randomization. A unit may represent a number of men (like Heavy Crossbows), or a single entity (like a Storm Giant or Cloud Dragon). There are different victory conditions the player may choose at the start of the game, but I can't get too specific on that yet. "World conquest" is not necessarily the goal for each realm.

Good Hunting!


kirk23 -> RE: General questions (9/1/2013 5:45:26 PM)

Can you tell me if the game comes with an editor, or are the data files editable ? I'm really looking forward to the release of the game.[;)]

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