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rev rico -> Land route for getting fuel to Japan (11/24/2012 5:04:48 PM)

It is February 1944. China is no more. But Allied naval strength is growing. I cannot guarantee shipping lanes will remain open. I'd like to consider other options.
What is the best way to get fuel and resources to the home islands?
Is there a way to ship overland to Korea or Port Arthur?
How do you make it happen?


Mike Solli -> RE: Land route for getting fuel to Japan (11/24/2012 5:42:26 PM)

Oil and resources maybe, but not fuel. The spoilage over such a long route would be significant.

rev rico -> RE: Land route for getting fuel to Japan (11/24/2012 6:03:06 PM)

Mike, what conditions are needed to make the shipment of oil and resources optimal?

PaxMondo -> RE: Land route for getting fuel to Japan (11/25/2012 3:42:38 AM)


Its going to be tough to get resources to flow overland out of Singapore if you have been using that as a shipping port to the HI.  The current resource flow model has a lot of 'integral' to it ... it likes to stay where it has been and tends to head back there once established.  You've been telling it to pool in Singapore for 2 years and now you want it to shift overland a great distance.

Having said that, your best two choices at this time would be Shanghai or Port Arthur.  Choosing which one will depend upon which ones is most built up.  Biggest port+AF+ factories will help the resources/oil flow there.  Both are reasonable candidiates.  To get it to move there, assign TF's to the port you choose, and set them to load.  The more TF's...

Tony's wife, uh, boss, is here.

Sorry for the interuption, ok back to what I was thinking about.  Oh Yeah ... The more TF's that you have setup at the port the better.  Once you start loading, be sure to keep TF's there loading at all times ... don't let it stop.  Be sure that you discontinue loading in Singapore and everywhere else except at the one point that you are loading from.

Not guaranteeing optimal results, and it will take a lot of persistance to get it to work.  As Mike points out, fuel and supply would have spoilage.  How much?  Good question.  I've never actually sat down and looked at the spoilage .vs. convoy fuel usage numbers to confirm.  Without any losses to subs, I would guess that sea transport would be better.  But it would only take a loss or two to tip the scale pretty quick.

Mike Solli -> RE: Land route for getting fuel to Japan (11/25/2012 8:01:42 PM)

Pax summed it up much better than I can. I don't even try to move resources or oil overland any more. Transports work very well for me and I can dump it exactly where I want it.

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