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Panjack -> Internal Error 0x46337E (11/24/2012 11:53:29 AM)

Internal error at 0x46337E.

Historical Grand Campaign. Aug 8 time 0000.

During pre-battle placement of units when dragging units. Able to reload game, reload saved game, and then move ahead with game if get past error. Occurs on different maps.

Seems to NOT occur when zoomed out in big map (when placing units) but does occur when in normal map. Happens with different units (e.g., infantry and tanks.)

Windows 7 64-bit SP1

Panjack -> RE: Internal Error 0x46337E (11/24/2012 7:34:18 PM)

Sadly, the error 0x46337E now occurs during a battle (with the same game save uploaded above). Time to wait for a patch. [:(]

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