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Kensai -> Does the AI cheat? (11/23/2012 7:35:32 AM)

Everything was so good. My armored troops standing about 100 km west of Moskow and attacking. Next round
I mean: how can this be? I play with FOW off (still learning) and there was nothing left, i routed everything, only a couple divisions and they were cut off some hexes into my terretory.

Next turn: gazillion of USSR divisions all over and between my troops.

So: can the AI build, fill and move units the same turn? [X(]

Really ****ed me up good, I will go back to the last turn and just grind away forward with a closed front :(

mevstedt -> RE: Does the AI cheat? (11/23/2012 8:51:32 AM)

Not sure what the rules are but yes, the AI "cheats". It depends a little on the difficulty settings and such afaik.

carlkay58 -> RE: Does the AI cheat? (11/23/2012 11:45:45 AM)

Depending on the setting, the AI will be able to do some things that humans will never be able to do. But one thing that the AI can always do is maintain a 200 division army (its in the manual someplace).

You will probably find that the divisions will be easy to blow away though. They may fill up but the morale and experience are really quite poor.

Apollo11 -> RE: Does the AI cheat? (11/23/2012 12:25:35 PM)

Hi all,

The AI should not "blatantly cheat" with teleportation and similar... if you saw something like that and you can document it (i.e. have savegame files) please post them in tech subforum here so that we can check it out...

Leo "Apollo11"

Kensai -> RE: Does the AI cheat? (11/23/2012 1:36:49 PM)

I'm not 100% sure, maybe the AI did railroad the units in ect. I also don't know how the ZOC affects the AI but I don't think this should be possible with the lousy MP the Soviets get in 1941

I'll check later and reload my savegame of the previous turn to see, if I made any obvious mistakes.

Having said that, I'm around turn 12 and in front of Moskow while I saw a screenshot of someone here in the forum today who is already there in turn 4 oO

I'm a really bad player...

janh -> RE: Does the AI cheat? (11/23/2012 6:34:41 PM)

ZoC affects AI in the same way as players. AI gets benefits in other areas, where humans are just more efficient for what can be programmed into an AI a reasonable development time for a commercial product. If it slipped through ZoC or something similar, it is likely a bug. There have been some like that, but they got fixed. If you suspect something like that, you might want to post a save file prior and after the suspicious turn in the tech forums, best with a map and explanation.

morvael -> RE: Does the AI cheat? (11/23/2012 6:42:22 PM)

I remember whan then AI could "rail" units from pockets with little gaps left, even if no rail line was availalble. But I think this doesn't happen anymore.

randallw -> RE: Does the AI cheat? (11/23/2012 11:22:09 PM)

A lot of shell divisions on the Soviet side sprout up in 1941; on air recon they may look like full divisions but they may be just starting out, with a tiny amount of men and equipment.

gamer78 -> RE: Does the AI cheat? (11/24/2012 5:47:20 AM)


On normal difficulty settings versus soviet AI, I think I'm a bad player still ..after months returning to the game. Pic Just before blizzard,snow turns. But It is still enjoyable. [:D]

swkuh -> RE: Does the AI cheat? (11/24/2012 1:06:43 PM)

[&o] I've always granted, w/o complaint, AI the benefit of placing token units in front of Axis advance just to slow the Axis a bit.

Not historical, but game developers could have made worse choices to make major cities like Moscow, Leningrad, Stalingrad, etc. difficult chances for the Axis. Even so, clever players have had success in achieving the objectives. Think the real problem for game developers is to model the Axis & Soviet logistics/transportation/attrition issues in different periods. The nature of the Soviet forces, to a greater extent than those of the Axis, change through-out the war and so might the codes that model their behaviors. This might require different codes for each participant, over time, and even at different seasons. Good luck!

[:)] Game is interesting and playable as coded; improvements are appreciated.

morganbj -> RE: Does the AI cheat? (11/29/2012 5:53:38 PM)

As Germany, play against the AI a time or two with no fog of war. You'll rip a huge gaping hole, maybe 30 hexes wide, possibly surrounding dozens of divisions, with no enemy units within 30-40 hexes in any direction to your front, but after the Russian turn, "poof," a near solid three or four hex deep set of Russian units to your front again.

I think teletransportation is real. But, without it, you'd hand the AI it's tail during the first few months of every game and the war would be over. If it didn't cheat, it wouldn't be too much fun. This AI is better than most, but like all AI's, it's still incapable of seeing a turn or two in advance.

Kensai -> RE: Does the AI cheat? (11/30/2012 8:24:39 AM)



Well, I wouldn't have an issue with this "blops" appearing from nowhere but I have the feeling they can also move the same turn- which isn't very nice. I could be wrong though.

gamer78 -> RE: Does the AI cheat? (12/2/2012 11:15:25 PM)

I haven't played without FOW but raising Kensai question that do they built and reinforce&move in the same turn? What are the bonuses exactly?
Under normal settings Russians use to have command penalty and such in 1941 when attacked but still a hard game for me to compete.

gradenko_2000 -> RE: Does the AI cheat? (12/4/2012 4:53:56 PM)

The bonus is that the AI will always be able to create however many divisions it needs to, to maintain a total count of 300 divisions.

You therefore cannot "AP starve" the AI the way you could a human Soviet player, although destroying lots and lots of divisions will result in the front-line troops never getting replacements and the newly created divisions having greatly diluted strength since the replacements have to be split so many ways. This may cause a collapse if enough manpower centers/factories are taken and enough divisions are destroyed, just in a different way that a human Soviet player would collapse.

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