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dereck -> CVE Question (11/23/2012 4:40:15 AM)

If I have a CVE with replenishment squadrons onboard, can I send the squadrons to a shore base, replace with regular squadrons and then later send the replacement squadrons back to that, or another CVE without any problems?


jmalter -> RE: CVE Question (11/23/2012 6:51:49 AM)

i haven't had any probs doing this, the CVE will act just like any other. but more often i fly 1 of the 2 replen sqns to a land base, then switch the ReplTF to a CVEscortTF. the single repl sqn aboard can fly combat missions since it's no longer 'overstacked' on the CVE. at the beginning of the orders phase, just change the CVEscortTF to a ReplTF (if the TF's carriers have only repl sqns onboard), suck any needed aircraft replacements onto in-range CVs, then switch the TF back to CVEscort mode.

the Repl/Escort TF can still provide replacements, while it can protect itself until too many fighters have been sent away.

dereck -> RE: CVE Question (11/23/2012 2:41:50 PM)

Okay so I could fly ALL replenishment squadrons off a CVE and replace with regular squadrons to use it as an ASW/ASP type CVE and then later fly the replenishment squadrons back on at my discretion then?

The reason I'm asking/worried is I received the CVE Long Island and I wanted to use it to ferry a few squadrons to the South Pacific but after I had one squadron on I tried to fly another squadron on (knowing they wouldn't be able to conduct carrier ops) but got the message that some planes would be lost which made me wonder what would have happened if I had overstacked it and then flew those squadrons off (would those planes be permanently lost or only while on the CVE?)

crsutton -> RE: CVE Question (11/23/2012 3:59:30 PM)

Yes, VR squadrons will go on any CVE. There is no problem taking them off now and putting them back on later. Any CVE will work. Also your VR squadrons will provide replacment aircraft to carriers groups when they are ashore as well. As long as the carrier is in range of the base.

dereck -> RE: CVE Question (11/23/2012 4:31:09 PM)

What about placing other squadrons on a CVE that aren't VR squadrons? I was trying to ferry two VMF squadrons to the South Pacific but after I flew the first squadron on the second one gave me a message a number of planes would be lost so I aborted trying to land them there.

Would the squadron permanently lose those airplanes or only while on the CVE being ferried?

jmalter -> RE: CVE Question (11/24/2012 4:25:40 AM)

well you can't fly 2 x 18-plane sqns onto a 33 or 27-plane CVE w/o the ship auto-limiting the 2nd sqn so that it'll still be able to conduct flight ops. i'm assuming that you want to bring the CVE into flight-range of the sqns' eventual destination & fly from the CVE to the base, rather than dock & unload at the base.

i don't think the 2nd sqn would be permanently reduced in size, but you'll have to spend supply at the destination as you re-fill the reduced sqn, i think you need at least 20k supply at a base to 'buy' planes.

you can 'Divide Unit' for the 2nd sqn, and load 1 full sqn & 1/3rd of the 2nd sqn, then send your CVE back for the rest of sqn 2.

crsutton -> RE: CVE Question (11/24/2012 4:56:49 AM)

You can only over stack to a certain point. After that all excess planes are lost. CVEs can carry two full VR squadrons and use them as replacements but those two squadrons cannot conduct combat operations. Fly one off and then the other can perform normally just like any other squadron. But if you are using regular squadrons you won't get two full ones on a CVE.

margeorg -> RE: CVE Question (11/24/2012 9:37:36 AM)


sorry for hijacking the thread, but I have a related question to replacement CVE´s: Which type of task force do I need to put them in in order to have them replenishing my CV squads? And to confirm, their maximum distance to my fighting CV TF must be what? Max range of the aircraft (i.e. ferry range)? Or combat range?

jmalter -> RE: CVE Question (11/24/2012 7:07:07 PM)

VRF sqns flying from CVEs in a ReplenishmentTF. i've never tried it, but CVLs or CVs might also work, provided they are loaded only w/ VRF sqns.

max distance seems to be normal (not extended) combat range w/o drop-tanks - effectively 6 hexes.

Mike Solli -> RE: CVE Question (11/24/2012 7:33:38 PM)


ORIGINAL: crsutton

You can only over stack to a certain point.

Carriers can carry 115% of their max plane load and still perform air operations.

Edit: This does not include reserve aircraft.

crsutton -> RE: CVE Question (11/24/2012 10:07:16 PM)


ORIGINAL: jmalter

VRF sqns flying from CVEs in a ReplenishmentTF. i've never tried it, but CVLs or CVs might also work, provided they are loaded only w/ VRF sqns.

max distance seems to be normal (not extended) combat range w/o drop-tanks - effectively 6 hexes.

It has to be a replenishment TF and you cannot put CVLs or CVs in a replenishment TF, only CVEs. It works just fine. Can't remember the effective range offhand. But be careful. I had a major carrier battle and was sending my damaged and inoperable carriers to the rear for repair, and even though they could not fly operations, they still sucked my CVEs replenishment squadrons dry. Make sure you turn "off" replacements for squadrons left on damaged carriers.

aphrochine -> RE: CVE Question (11/26/2012 5:05:55 PM)

Not exactly on topic, but a helpful tip.

If you lose CVs fighting in '42, immediately spend the PPs to resurrect the lost CAG (not the VS though, since they retire). Bring back the VF, VB and VT squadrons. Then form a 3xCVE squadron and split the original CAG between them. Fits great and you can put those CVEs' VR squadrons on shore covering ports and/or training pilots. I havent reached a point where I need all of my VR squadrons tagging behind the fleet, but I do have an ever expanding need for operational air cover.

The CAG:

36xF (dont resize them to the larger squadron size later)
36xDB (dont downsize them)
18xTB (dont downsize them)

Splits into 3xCVEs as 12xF, 12xDB and 6xTB making each CVE's load 30, and operational.

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