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JudgeDredd -> Happy Thanksgiving (11/22/2012 8:32:02 PM)

I think I tell this story every year - but I think it's because I never want to forget it...

I was in the British Army in the US in November 1989 and we were "farmed" out...basically it was known we were "in town" (Fort Lewis Washington State). We were an advanced party of about 30 and our job was to get vehicles ready for an exercise called Trumpet Dance I believe.

Anyway - local familes invited us (through our commander) to come round and spend Thanksgiving with some families...so were were split up into twos and despatched to the houses for Thanksgiving. We were made to feel very welcome and had a fantastic day - lots of beer, food and football. We were really made to feel at home.

To all those families that day - thank you.

To the rest of America - Happy Thanksgiving

I love America! :)

OldSarge -> RE: Happy Thanksgiving (11/22/2012 10:49:20 PM)


Thank you! I'm glad that that you had a chance to see the "real" America while you were on your tour here. T-day is probably the best of American holidays, it is certainly my favorite and I celebrate it anywhere I travel.

Best Regards...

ilovestrategy -> RE: Happy Thanksgiving (11/23/2012 12:11:53 PM)

Thats an awesome story Dredd.

radic202 -> RE: Happy Thanksgiving (11/23/2012 1:20:05 PM)


ORIGINAL: ilovestrategy

Thats an awesome story Dredd.

It sure is! Thanks for sharing!

I have a similar story but not about thanksgiving: I was in Albania during the refugee crisis when most people in Kosovo were escaping the Serbs into Albania during the Kosovo Independence War (lack of a better word). And I was given a special interpreter/guide/driver who spoke some French to help me get form place to place and also translate to the local officials etc....Anyhow one evening he, his wife and their 2 sons (aged 9 and 13) invited me for supper and even thought they were dirt poor (like most Albanians) I accepted as I did not want to insult them. I purchased a bunch of food goodies to give to them (knowing they did not have much) and by golly! They gave me one of the best meals I had ever had and they did not spare a thing, everything they had was made available to me. While eating there I noticed their refrigerator was old and practically not working (and it was a very small type of bar fridge that we would have here in the West).

So the day before I left I went and found a brand new top of the line large fridge and had it delivered to them, it was the least I could do for the excellent work the Man had did for me. I also had cases of fruits and vegetables sent to fill the fridge up.

Never had I seen such a happy look on the families faces. The Mom cried and almost would not accept it as she felt guilty but to me, eating and having healthy food especially for their growing boys was the reason I told her I got it.

I also purchased some Soccer Balls and running shoes for the boys. Not an easy thing to find in such a poor country.

Anyhow, there are peeps all over the world that are nice and deserving(I am talking about the Albanians that helped me out), we somehow forget that with all the bad news we see on the TV everyday.

And of course "Happy Thanksgiving" to our American Friends!

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