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Cruis.In -> DW addiction (11/22/2012 1:45:53 AM)

I can't figure out with makes me addicted to DW. I liken the game to Ceasar 3 in space. Where you could see everything going on. Like in ceasar if a guy pushing a cart with iron ore in it was going to a warehouse that was full, he'd stop in the road. If you clicked on him he'd say why he stopped "No more room in the XX"

You saw all the citizens walking and going about their lives. Just like in DW, the ships go about their lives in space.

But it is so much fun to run this empire on the macro level, making decisions on the micro when you need to. I've even turned off 50% of the automation as I've become way more comfortable with certain things.

I hope though that in the future it gets a graphics upgrade like star drive, StarDrive is still 2d top down, but uses a 3d renderer I believe, as the ships are models with textures, you can see the side of the ships and stuff when they turn. But there is no 3d movement in star drive, I just want that to be clear.

Also the zooming in DW is very stuttery not move, remniscent of a 2d render with the sprite graphics. That being the issue.

Those are my two peeves, the zooming and the graphics. Hopefully SD doesn't have as good gameplay cause i never wanna leave DW. A lot of easy to use tools like UNITY out there could really speed up transition to better graphics, just keep the game the way it is but render it better. Dunno just throwing stuff out there.

What made/makes you love/addicted to DW?

STAR drive video for those wondering what I am talking about.


feelotraveller -> RE: DW addiction (11/22/2012 11:51:00 AM)

Hey man, you trying to get me hooked again or what?  [:D]

For me the love is in the 41 resources and the seemingly endless components and the flexible ship and base design and ... well everything really...

A tip - most times you are better off not zooming but clicking to the preset levels, by the buttons on the right or using or the keyboard shortcuts.  Particularly if you are expanding the view where there are lots of ships present.

WiZz -> RE: DW addiction (11/22/2012 7:27:06 PM)

I'm not sure, that SD supports so epic scale like DW.

Anthropoid -> RE: DW addiction (11/23/2012 2:31:49 AM)

Glad to hear DW has another 'victim' [:D]

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