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olivier34 -> little bugs (11/20/2012 4:49:44 PM)

I run the last version of the game, Uranus long scenario with Stats FOG on.


olivier34 -> RE: little bugs (11/20/2012 4:51:56 PM)

bug2 How many PPs do I have ? 15 or 10 ? Hope this is 15 [;)]


Vic -> RE: little bugs (11/21/2012 1:17:23 PM)

thanks for the reports oliver.

it seems to me you have 10 prestige points. the stats seem to be off somehow.

i am going to investigate.


olivier34 -> RE: little bugs (11/21/2012 4:43:06 PM)

It must be ten otherwise the soviet player would not fear to be dismiss during the first stage of this scenario.

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