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Duck Doc -> stacking (11/20/2012 2:27:23 PM)

I recall the game does not allow stacking of units. How does this work with infantry & artillery especially in the trenches on the west? Do artillery units go in the line or do they back up infantry? Just curious.

Blubel -> RE: stacking (11/20/2012 2:32:00 PM)

Artillery can fire over 2 hexes and therefore should be behind infantry.

Lukas -> RE: stacking (11/20/2012 4:26:52 PM)

The Artillery unit represents massed heavy artillery for offensive barrages. They can't move & fire in the same turn and require Ammunition resources.

They can operate behind a frontline of infantry but if the enemy has counter-battery fire technologies they will take some damage from any enemy artillery units adjacent to their target.

Duck Doc -> RE: stacking (11/20/2012 11:48:25 PM)

^ Just removed only possible objection to purchase. I am so weak! I have been assimilated.

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