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legio x -> CTD (11/19/2012 3:33:05 PM)

After two days of game, I have a CTD.
Campaign 1914 side Entente Alliance, after spme turns compare this message:

[C]:-1(global error) ai/ai.lua:34: AI/s_t.ai:0:attempt to index a nil value

Myrddraal -> RE: CTD (11/19/2012 3:35:37 PM)

Could you upload the AutoSaveEndTurn savegame which is generated when you end the turn (just before the error)?

Thanks very much.

legio x -> RE: CTD (11/19/2012 4:42:36 PM)

Sorry, but I have a switch off the Auto Save.

Myrddraal -> RE: CTD (11/19/2012 4:43:03 PM)

Are you able to reproduce the error at all?

legio x -> RE: CTD (11/19/2012 6:24:12 PM)

I' ll try.

Myrddraal -> RE: CTD (11/19/2012 6:28:29 PM)

If you do, please grab the AutoSaveEndTurn savegame and game log before you launch the game again.

Thanks for your help!

nervi -> RE: CTD (11/28/2012 10:29:08 PM)

I have the same error, but using the click here to upload, I get an error from the webpage saying:

C:\fakepath\AutoSaveEndTurn.ctgw is not supported.

I have the savefile on another drive: E:\Gebruikers\#####\Documents\My Games\Commander The Great War\Save\AutoSaveEndTurn.ctgw

Copied it to : C:\AutoSaveEndTurn.ctgw
still getting the same error message.

So, cant even upload the save file, even if we want to?

nervi -> RE: CTD (11/28/2012 10:34:28 PM)

Ok, I renamed the extension to .txt you have to change it back into ctgw.
This was only way to upload it.

Myrddraal -> RE: CTD (11/29/2012 11:16:00 AM)

Thanks for the savegame, we've reproduced the error and are working on a fix

Myrddraal -> RE: CTD (11/29/2012 11:34:34 AM)

Have you modded the game at all?

Myrddraal -> RE: CTD (11/29/2012 2:40:51 PM)

Thanks for the report, we've fixed the bug. The fix will be included in the first patch.

nervi -> RE: CTD (11/29/2012 4:49:06 PM)

No, I did not mod the game, I dont know if the topicstarter did it.
Bought it only few days ago, this was my first game.

PS: Would love an option, to turn off convoy moving visible, unless they get attacked :D

KurtC -> RE: CTD (12/6/2012 1:28:24 AM)

I just got something very similar to this...



KurtC -> RE: CTD (12/6/2012 1:35:36 AM)

I don't know how to change the end of the file to post you a file.

Chris Merchant -> RE: CTD (12/6/2012 4:52:23 AM)

try zipping up the file, I think this bbs allows .zip extensions

KurtC -> RE: CTD (12/6/2012 7:39:40 AM)

Thanks! Good suggestion since I know I have posted zp files in the past, a couple of years ago.

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