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stormbringer3 -> Winter in summer. (11/19/2012 1:09:08 PM)

Someone mentioned in another thread that after a reload they had winter graphics in non winter turns, I've had this happen to me a few times also. I use F5 and F9 a lot. Once it starts it persists. I didn't check to see if it also applied to combat or if it was just the graphics because I was always losing at the time. Therefore if it applied to combat it was a help to me.

Myrddraal -> RE: Winter in summer. (11/19/2012 1:44:34 PM)

Thanks for the report. One for the patch.

balto -> RE: Winter in summer. (11/19/2012 2:37:43 PM)

Just happened to me in 1914. Started new game with me as Entente. The map is winter and I also do not know if combat is affected.

Myrddraal -> RE: Winter in summer. (11/19/2012 2:48:49 PM)

You should be able to clear the problem by quitting and restarting the game.

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