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PrinzHenrich -> Russians (11/18/2012 12:01:34 AM)

SO i start with Russians cavalry.
This is Horse Grenadier Unit:

Tried the hussars but it is to hard for me.


PrinzHenrich -> RE: Russians (11/18/2012 12:02:46 AM)

THis is the pack with russians horse grenadiers:

Schweinewitz -> RE: Russians (11/19/2012 6:59:44 PM)

They look great! Very nice work!

PrinzHenrich -> RE: Russians (11/19/2012 9:19:53 PM)

I ****ed, I could do it on different prussian dragoon regiment so they heave their red colours also.

PrinzHenrich -> RE: Russians (1/12/2013 11:54:05 AM)

Russian army need:
Artillery - light, medium - two different shapes, heavy
Cavallry - Cuirassiers, hussars - 3 different uniforms, Cossacks - at least - 2 different units
Infantry - none.

Got idea how to make cuirassiers and cossack, but din't know what to do with rest.
I will post the finished plates when I'm done.

PrinzHenrich -> RE: Russians (1/15/2013 7:04:41 PM)

Cuirassiers are done (without flagbearers) looks pretty same like Austrian despite I used dark paile instead of white. Acctualy I don't see different apart it took than 2 h of my work.

PrinzHenrich -> RE: Russians (1/15/2013 9:39:27 PM)

Moldavian Hussars Regiment is done. It could be use for Horvat and Preradovich hussars aswell.

PrinzHenrich -> RE: Russians (1/16/2013 6:01:06 PM)

I've start working with cossacks, hope they will look good enough.


Schweinewitz -> RE: Russians (1/17/2013 6:41:16 PM)

Regarding how difficult and nerve-stretching this work is the result looks very nice!

Your efforts are very much appreciated!

PrinzHenrich -> RE: Russians (1/17/2013 9:33:27 PM)

I can't do all alone, but if we work together, we can make volume II by owerselfs. I can make scenario with new graphic. The Cossacks - I'm very proud of them. Cost a lot of work but almost finished so now it will look like:
_Prussians= Ready
-artillery light = ?
-artillery medium (unicorn) =?
-artillery medium (shuvalov howitzer) =?
-artillery heavy (unicorn) =?
-cavalry heavy - cuirassiers =(done)
-cavalry medium - Horse Grenadier =(done)
-cavalry medium - dragoons =(done = DR Holstein)
-cavalry light - hussars Serbian = (done)
-cavalry light - hussars Hungarian =?
-cavalry light - hussars Yellow =?
-cavalry light - hussars Moldavian =(done)
-cavalry light - cossacks (done, 2nd under construction)
-infantry grenadiers = done (Magnus)
-infantry musketers = done (Magnus)

PrinzHenrich -> RE: Russians (1/19/2013 1:35:37 PM)

In summer uniforms


Schweinewitz -> RE: Russians (1/19/2013 5:44:12 PM)

Fantastic work! [&o]

PrinzHenrich -> RE: Russians (1/25/2013 3:13:08 PM)

I started work with Serbian Hussar Regiment.

Panama Red -> RE: Russians (1/26/2013 4:55:52 PM)

Thank you.

PrinzHenrich -> RE: Russians (1/27/2013 8:25:01 PM)

Well i forgot upload it on server. The Serbian Hussars

Magnus -> RE: Russians (7/26/2013 2:34:37 AM)

Here is the Russian Gruzinskiy Hussars for you guys.

Schweinewitz -> RE: Russians (7/26/2013 7:44:20 AM)

Thanks, Magnus! They look great!

Panama Red -> RE: Russians (7/26/2013 10:07:52 AM)

Thank you.

PrinzHenrich -> RE: Russians (7/26/2013 10:22:47 AM)

Fantastic work, we are movingforward, Magnus, why don't you upload Swedish Unit aswell?

Magnus -> RE: Russians (7/26/2013 3:44:26 PM)

Thanks guys I will make more units off that list for you. Hmm the Swedish units? Yes I can upload though the total filesize is pretty big.

PrinzHenrich -> RE: Russians (7/26/2013 6:05:08 PM)

ANyone have free FTP server?

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