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btd64 -> Expansion to ETO (11/16/2012 5:04:14 PM)

Has anyone thought about expanding this game/system to include the ETO. I have ideas and think it would be a big game size wise but fun to control.[:)]

btd64 -> RE: Expansion to ETO (11/16/2012 5:09:27 PM)

Would give the allies production in GB just like the Japanise[;)]

inqistor -> RE: Expansion to ETO (11/17/2012 8:40:20 AM)

Dali is making War in the West mod, with whole Western Front. Just check few posts lower.

But I do not think it is possible to turn production for Allies.

btd64 -> RE: Expansion to ETO (11/17/2012 2:35:14 PM)

inqistor was just reading Dali's info. looks good. but i was thinking more in line with the whole war. starting from 9/1/39 and covering the east and the west, pacific and atlantic and anywere else the fighting raged. it would be big, but i would play it. [:)] will keep following Dali's work though. looks very interesting.

inqistor -> RE: Expansion to ETO (11/18/2012 9:59:01 AM)

There are serious constrains at current engine.

Namely, you can not set starting date to earlier, and there are only two possible AXIS nations.

You can probably change this in code, but you will need also 3 times as much memory, to handle all this extra data.

btd64 -> RE: Expansion to ETO (11/18/2012 10:47:46 PM)

inqistor. thanks for the feedback. I love a realy latge game and was hoping. maybe down the road it will be possible. thanks again. patton[&:]

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