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ctangus -> Chinese respawn question (11/14/2012 10:08:19 PM)

Should a destroyed Chinese unit that is supposed to respawn appear in the ground reinforcement schedule? Or will it just show up in 30 days?

The reason I ask is that the 666th/C Chinese Corps (or something like that) was destroyed a few turns ago and yet it's not in the ground reinforcement schedule.

Not a big deal - this unit was 1/3 of a weak Chinese Corps I was using for guerrilla purposes. I'm mainly curious because I'm in danger of losing some bigger units. [:D]

rjopel -> RE: Chinese respawn question (11/15/2012 1:12:47 AM)

They should show up the next turn in the reinforcement schedule. But I'm not sure about the /A,B,C units.

SuluSea -> RE: Chinese respawn question (11/15/2012 6:25:20 PM)

Hi Ctangus, I assume you are patched up. Upon release and maybe up to the first patch there was a bug that prevented respawning. It's been since fixed and though I haven't been playing the Allies too much the split unit should show up in the renforcement cue. Atleast I've seen it in the past.

ctangus -> RE: Chinese respawn question (11/15/2012 9:31:15 PM)

Using the latest beta patch. Just noticed it's actually happened to two units - both split units. (The other must have died by attrition & I missed it.) Once I finish the turn in my inbox I'll see if I can dig up saves & post on the support forum.

Thanks for the replies! [:)]

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