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Borst50 -> Leader error bug (11/14/2012 6:24:09 PM)

I have been testing out a new OOB for the Germans in EF Barbarossa campaign for about the last year or so and i have noticed a really glaring bug. This affects leader units only. At the top of the unit card, in the place were the name/rank is, the name is slowly migrating to the left off the unit card. I am up to June of 42, and for my non-core leaders, the rank has completely moved off the card.....for my Battalion core leaders, they are about halfway to the left....and for my personal character it is about a third of the way.

Has anyone else noticed this? I havent played this far into Barbarossa before since Matrix released the game, but i have played when it was Talonsoft and i didnt have that problem.

Is this a known bug? I havent seen any threads on this before. And I dont have any screen capture software to post a pic.

Thanks guys.

Warhorse -> RE: Leader error bug (11/15/2012 9:49:56 PM)

Could you post a screenshot perhaps, and if you like, send me the game files, I can take a look. Also, you mentioned new oob, what did you change, if you please?

Borst50 -> RE: Leader error bug (11/16/2012 3:35:17 AM)

Hey Mike,

as I stated above I have no screen capture software, and I dont think the game has it imbedded either.

I completely redid the OOB creating A PanzerKorp from scratch....2 Pz Div, and a Motorized Infantry Div upgrading to a PzGren Div, plus Korp support units. I made the StuG Battalion and the Recce Battalion playable, but surprisingly didnt have to change the Company files very much....just adding a leader here and there. I havent had any problems with the units in the OOB, just leaders....and the HQ Companies. But i have solved the HQ Company problem.

From the way the problem manifested itself...I dont believe the problem lies in the OOB, I suspect it is a hard coded error, but I have no proof. If for no other reason than the fact it is a visual problem...not a game mechanical one.

if you know of any free screen capture software///send me the link and i can supply you with a screen shot.

what game files do you want me to send please be specific?

Warhorse -> RE: Leader error bug (11/16/2012 9:52:12 PM)

What version of windows do you have? If you have Microsoft Paint, under Programs, you can take a screenshot using Printscrn button on the keyboard, then open MSPaint and use paste or control V. Then save as a jpg and attach to the message.

The files would be all the campaign files, the ccd etc your DCG generates. Name of your character is the first part, there are 5 files.

Borst50 -> RE: Leader error bug (11/17/2012 2:02:55 AM)

you have to pm me your email....whenever i try to attatch the campaign files it says its not supported...go figure....and i tried using paint...but its not working for me, so ill have to send them via email as well.

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