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el cid again -> RHS Long Term Planning: Levels 1 & 2 (11/14/2012 2:07:23 AM)

In the WITP era RHS project - there were eventually three "levels" of RHS -
called 5, 6 and 7 because the scenarios came in series in the 50s, 60s and 70s.
Each had its own map system. RHS developed the idea of map edge shipping
tracks so the Allies could move between strategic locations - in a way very much'
like we have in AE. The first generation was a pure stock map system. The
second generation was a trial primitive map edge movement track. The final
version was very complex and included a Madagascar mini map.

Mifune and I have evolved a concept for a second generation RHS map system
in AE. It will use Andrew Brown's Extended Map system as its foundation. It may
also include the Madagascar Minimap from RHS WITP - done by Cobra - but rescaled
by Mifune. More critically we wish to have our own off map locations working
as realistically as possible - including Recife - a fairly critical off map point.
Another is Durban (South Africa) - the historical jump off point for the invasion
of Madagascar.

Unlike in the old WITP days - we will not have shipping tracks to get to and from
Madagascar. If our concept works as we hope, you will "teleport" in and out
at designated places - very much like off map movement is now for the Allies -
except this will also apply to the Axis. While the Level 2 project is a future one,
we will probably incorporate a demonstration of this principle in Level 1.

Level 1 is about to freeze on build 4.20 - and will then go through a period of
confirmation testing that the many changes work as intended. After it freezes
I will be updating the later seasons of the war to the current pwhexe standards
used by the first two seasons (which are current). At the same time, Mifune will
be issuing revised (and very crisp) art - mostly retouched from other sources -
especially Sub Chaser. Much of our ship art came from Cobra. But a lof of the
newer art is revised by Mifune. Another dimension of this is we may be adding
seasonal maps to show how "construction" proceeds over time.

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