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spence -> Phantom TF (11/13/2012 7:17:28 PM)

In a PBEM a "phantom enemy TF" showed up in Port Moresby (my base) and was then subjected to "an ASW" attack by some DD/DEs that were in the hex. Those same DD/DEs had just finished conducting a real (and deadly) ASW attack against a real (and now dead) IJN submarine.

The Combat Replay showed the names of all the Japanese ships but not their icons although some of them were smoking/burning. At least one of the IJN ships in the phantom TF has been on the "Sunk" list for the past 4 months of game time.

The Combat Summary read as follows:

ASW attack near Port Moresby at 98,130

Japanese Ships
CV Shokaku
CV Junyo
CVL Zuiho
CVE Hosho
CVE Unyo
CS Mizuho
CS Nisshin
CS Chitose
CS Chiyoda
BB Kongo, heavy damage
BB Nagato
BB Fuso
AV Akitsushima
CA Tone
CA Chikuma
CA Takao
CA Atago
CA Chokai
CA Haguro
CA Nachi, on fire, heavy damage
CA Ashigara
CA Mogami
CA Kumano
CL Katori
CL Kashima
CL Kashii
CM Tsugaru
CM Itsukushima
AS Jingei
AS Chogei
CL Naka
CL Nagara
CL Isuzu
CL Natori
CL Yura
CL Kinu
CL Tama
CL Kiso, heavy damage
CL Tenryu
CL Tatsuta
DD Yugumo
DD Kazegumo
DD Hatsukaze
DD Natsushio
DD Yukikaze
DD Hayashio
DD Tokitsukaze
DD Hagikaze
DD Minegumo
DD Shiratsuyu
DD Shigure
DD Yamakaze
DD Umikaze
DD Murakumo
DD Uranami
DD Shikinami
DD Ayanami
DD Mutsuki
DD Kisaragi
DD Satsuki

Allied Ships
DE Talbot
DD Isis
DD Henley

?? is located by DE Talbot
bottoming out ....
DD Isis fails to find sub, continues to search...
DD Henley fails to find sub, continues to search...
Escort abandons search for sub

Has anybody seen something like this before?
Did it go away or did it breed more bugs that rendered the game unplayable down the road?
Was it possible to get rid of this bug? How?

fcharton -> RE: Phantom TF (11/13/2012 8:58:17 PM)


I am the other player in this game. Here is some more background information.

1- We are playing version 1108r9, and haven't updated since the beginning of our game (in late February).

2- I have no such task force like the one that appeared here. In fact, all those 60 ships were in port at the time, and are in the exact same order as the one displayed on the ship panel of Tracker. In other words, the ghost TF seems to be made of the first 60 ships listed as "in port" (stored as TF 0 in the game data?). I don't know if this helps, but it suspiciously looks like an array error, with an uninitialized index...

3- After that, we tried to play another turn, and the replay went fine, except the next day naval phase, which happened at lightning speed, this might or might not be a bug.

I can provide the turn that caused the replay, the one I saved after the replay, and the previous one.

Oh, and by the way, if someone looks at the turn we have a problem in Chungking : which shows up on the mouseover display as belonging to some 200th chinese division. I understand this is a known bug.

Many thanks in advance

michaelm75au -> RE: Phantom TF (11/14/2012 7:03:55 AM)

It is attacking the TF that had the sub in it that was just sunk before report. It removes the empty TF AFTER it does another round of combat against the empty TF - the list is just some random ships that are delayed/sunk I think (TF = 0).
Will fix in the next beta.

This is just a report issue. It didn't actually attack a TF.

fcharton -> RE: Phantom TF (11/14/2012 7:51:48 AM)

Ok, so we're safe and will proceed with the game. Thanks a lot, Michael.


spence -> RE: Phantom TF (11/14/2012 12:52:53 PM)

Thanks Michael

And thanks for "fixing Chungking" too.

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