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gwgardner -> PBEM One Hex Island Mod Campaign - AXIS (11/13/2012 5:56:22 PM)

Chocolino and I are starting a campaign game using the One Hex Island Mod. This mod adds air bases to a variety of locations on the map, including atolls, small islands, and some larger ones. The intention is to allow air units and land units to occupy those locations together.

Thanks Peter123 for the mod.

We're also using the Air and Naval mini mod, which does two things:

reduces production and reinforcement costs for air units
increases penalties for time at sea and distance from port.


gwgardner -> RE: PBEM One Hex Island Mod Campaign - AXIS (11/13/2012 6:04:36 PM)

Here is the Japanese strategy for the upcoming war against the US, UK, China, and their allies:

initial attacks in yellow
these are primarily to secure a defense perimeter in the east and south, to make possible the more important operations in the west

second wave attacks in orange
these are primarily to secure some important strategic resource targets

major thrust in red
Conquest of Burma, Malaya, India and holding Indonesia/Borneo are the ultimate goals of this war.

Of course, the war in China continues, and success in the three phases above can only improve the situation there.

If all three phases succeed, Japan's future will be assured.


gwgardner -> RE: PBEM One Hex Island Mod Campaign - AXIS (11/13/2012 6:08:30 PM)

Note that US positions in the Philippines are seen as of no consequence. The US will be unable to make use of those positions if the overall strategy succeeds. The Philippines will be occupied when possible, but not as a priority.

A surprise attack against Pearl Harbor has proven to be something of a failure, as the intent was to destroy the US carrier force based there. No carriers were spotted, so raids were carried out on the US surface fleet. Heavy damage was inflicted, according to pilot reports, but certainly the raids were disappointing overall.

We have succeeded in establishing beachheads to take Port Moresby, Darwin, Singapore, Balikpapan, and Pontianak in Borneo. Wake Island was occupied successfully.

gwgardner -> RE: PBEM One Hex Island Mod Campaign - AXIS (11/22/2012 2:20:38 PM)

Dec 16 '41

The Pearl Strike Force headed directly for home port after hammering Pearl Harbor, maintaining vigilance against the unknown location of the US carriers. On Dec 9 trailing spotters discovered a US task force SE of Midway Island, with at least one carrier present. An immediate attack was ordered. Pilots identified the carrier as the USS Lexington, and it was hit in repeated sorties, taking steady damage. Finally there was a critical hit and the ship reportedly split apart in a catastrophic explosion and sank.

This success makes up a bit for the overall failure of the original strike against Pearl Harbor.


gwgardner -> RE: PBEM One Hex Island Mod Campaign - AXIS (11/22/2012 2:21:55 PM)

The second wave of amphibious assaults has embarked in Japan and Korea.


gwgardner -> RE: PBEM One Hex Island Mod Campaign - AXIS (11/22/2012 2:26:11 PM)

The US and Netherlands have had a series of lucky encounters with advanced Japanese screening forces and in submarine attacks.


gwgardner -> RE: PBEM One Hex Island Mod Campaign - AXIS (11/28/2012 4:00:07 PM)

Jan 1

Phase 2 of invasions is proceeding, with phase 3 developing. IE landings have taken place at Rabaul, in Java, and Sumatra. Transports are underway to land substantial forces in Siam, for a push on Burma/India.

Naval high command lobbied hard for a change in Phase 2, or rather an addition: an invasion of the Philippines. Clark air base in particular, with bombers capable of hindering traffic to Burma, Singapore, Dutch East Indies, had to be taken out. So a landing was made on Luzon. US troops are fighting hard to hold Manila, but Clark air base has been taken.

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