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jesdazone -> no longer a functioning game (help) (11/12/2012 11:51:05 PM)

Anyone have any ideas why my War in the East stopped functioning after updating to newest version, the game proceeds past the play a game screen then plays one or two notes from the opening theme then stops functioning altogether. I have uninstalled it and reinstalled it with all the latest updates to no avail any help would be appreciated.

Denniss -> RE: no longer a functioning game (help) (11/13/2012 3:18:57 AM)

I assume Windoze Vista/7: please try to install it outside of the default path in c:\program files - there may be some leftover files causing your problems. You may want to try a path like C:\games\WitE to test the installation.

jesdazone -> RE: no longer a functioning game (help) (11/14/2012 1:07:37 AM)

this is getting me so frustrated now i cant even view my purchase serial numbers on the matrix website. I just want to get my serial numbers again and try to reinstall the game i tried what you said but again it displays the start screen plays a few notes then nothing at all. Any assistance that can be offered would be very much appreciated or else i spent almost a 100.00 for two pieces of cyber junk.

elmo3 -> RE: no longer a functioning game (help) (11/14/2012 1:47:35 AM)

You could try doing an uninstall, then go to the Members area and download the 1.06.06 version and see if you can at least get the game to run with that version. If that works then try updating to .19 and see if the game breaks again.

jesdazone -> RE: no longer a functioning game (help) (11/14/2012 5:08:12 AM)


elmo3 -> RE: no longer a functioning game (help) (11/14/2012 1:24:20 PM)

Here is what I suggest then:

1. Uninstall the game and then delete the folder.
2. Get a registry cleaner (I use Ccleaner and have never had a problem with it) and run it to make sure there is no trace of the game still in the registry.
3. Defragment and optimize you hard drive (I use Auslogics Disk Defrag).
4. Install the game from your original disk.
5. Run the game to make sure it works without any updates.
6. Run the updater to bring it up to the .19 version and run it again.

Hopefully that will work. If not then contact Matrix support for other ideas.

morvael -> RE: no longer a functioning game (help) (11/14/2012 8:21:55 PM)

In addition to the above steps, update your Windows, your drivers (most of all video and audio drivers), update DirectX and install some codec pack.

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