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elmerlee -> Doomtrader (11/12/2012 6:05:49 PM)

Could you give us an update on the statue of the 1.03 patch. (post 1.03b).

That would be very much appreciated.

doomtrader -> RE: Doomtrader (11/12/2012 6:45:59 PM)

We have got some delyas due to the polish version of Srategic War in Europe.
Completeing the fixes for Time of Fury is second thing on our TO DO list.

Actually the reinforements issue has been fixed already. I'm hoping to have some build with the terrain movement cost fixed this week.

elmerlee -> RE: Doomtrader (11/12/2012 7:31:14 PM)

Thanks for the quick response Doom.

Much appreciated.

Omnius -> RE: Doomtrader (11/12/2012 9:56:10 PM)

Please see my post in the tech section regarding the free strategic movement of air units. While a country has to have enough SMP's to initiate a strategic move the country never has to actually pay for the SM'ing of air units. This can't be correct, I can't believe that any country could SM it's whole air force anywhere in one turn with it not costing a single SM point.

Also the worst thing about 1.03 is the way British and British Colony resource and supply convoys are routed through the Mediterranean. In version 1.02 I checked the British and British Colony convoy routing often enough to know that it always routed through the Atlantic, never through the Med. In 1.03 I noticed that changed and convoys all routed through the Med always. Not until I capture Gibraltar or the Suez Canal does this change.

In fact in my currect game playing all countries I loved the Spain event that gave it 20 points towards joining the Axis and then I made sure to do two more pressure events so that Spain became an Axis ally so I could SM a big panzer corp adjacent to Gibraltar to capture it. It was funny because while it sealed the western Med entry from the Brits and gave my German fleet access to the Med I actually liked it as Britain and the British Colonies because it meant the convoys would now reroute around Africa and through the Atlantic, like it used to in 1.02. Now I can supply British units in Egypt through the Suez port and actually get a few resource points from the British Colonies without all of my transports being sunk.

While changing the convoy routing for 1.03 seemed like a good idea in theory it was a total disaster for Britain in practice. While British convoys did route through the Med historically that all changed once Italy joined the war. I can live with the Med convoy route before Italy goes to war but afterwards that convoy routing must change automatically to around the Cape of Good Hope and through the Atlantic even if it is a longer route. I watched in horror as Britain as my BC resource convoys got sunk by the double whammy of German and Italian subs working every convoy over in too many sea areas. It would be cool if we had a choice of routing through the Med or around Africa but without that I just would like you to make the convoy routing routine the way it was in 1.02 routing all convoys through the Atlantic from the beginning of the 1939 scenario.

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