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JudgeDredd -> DVG - Hornet Leader AAR (11/11/2012 6:46:00 PM)

Ok - an AAR for Hornet Leader. I'm dreading this one a little bit because the rules (for me) were considerably more complex.

But anyway, I thought I'd start it today whilst I was watching the rugby.

Campaign Setup
WWIII North Atlantic 1986
Short Length 5 Days 22 Special Option Points US Navy Campaign
Special Option points can be used to promote pilots, take a tanker on a missions, buy special weapons
NB - different to Phantom Leader all Special Weapons cost their Weight Points in Special Option points.
Also it can cost you SOs to have certain aircraft

selecting the 1986 US Navy Campaign means I cannot select any AV-8Bs and any aircraft with a service date after 1986

I won't go through the list of pilots I've removed from slection - because there's a load! And - strangely enough - for me this is a fault of Hornet Leader - too many pilots and cards. It's a real maze trying to determine which pilots to take...I get the positives...but it really is quite time consuming

The list of targets are
  • 06 - AAA Sites
  • 24 - Rail Yard
  • 04 - Major Airfield
  • 02 - Minor Airfield
  • 47 - Central Command
  • 58 - Fighter Sweep
  • 51 - Oil Storage
  • 07 - AAA Sites
  • 57 - Fighter Sweep
  • 42 - Vehicle Production
  • 59 - Carrier Defence (yep - with a "C"!!)
  • 27 - Naval Base
  • 35 - Carrier Fleet
  • 60 - Carrier Defence
  • 34 - Surface Fleet
  • 19 - Port
  • 26 - Supply Depot
  • 09 - SAM Trap
  • 16 - Rail Line
  • 46 - Close Air Support
  • 37 - Missile Boat Fleet
  • 33 - ASW Fleet
  • 52 - Attack Fleet
  • 50 - Government Building
  • 36 - Supply Fleet

There are 60! target cards in Hornet Leader! There's also a SHED load of Event Cards. Considerably more content than Phantom Leader (though PL still tops my list for the series....just)

A successful capaign will be judged thus
  • Great 22+ VPs
  • Good 16-21 VPs
  • Adequate 12-15 VPs
  • Poor 9-11 VPs
  • Dismal 8- VPs

The pilots I'm allowed to select are
  • 1xNewbie
  • 2xGreen
  • 4xAverage (less 3 with the Special Rules)
  • 1xSkilled

The pilots I've choosen are
  • TEFLON - F14 Tomcat - Skilled
  • CRUNCH - EA6B Intruder - Average
  • SPIKE - A7 Corsair - Average
  • BISON - F14 Tomcat - Average
  • COWBOY - F/A18C Hornet - Average
  • TALON - F/A18C Hornet - Green
  • EXTRA - A6 Intruder - Green
  • PLUTO - A7 Corsair - Newbie

For this campaign I choose to implement the following Campaign Options
  • Night Missions (0 SO modifier)
  • +/-1 Aircraft (-3 SO modifier)
  • Random Squadron Selection (+6 SO Modifier)
Giving me a +3 SO overall modifier.
  • Night Missions - some missions are night missions and if you choose to fly them as such, then you randomly choose the sequence of play by pulling the Fast, Slow, Bandits, Sites counters
  • +/-1 Aircraft - you can take one more or one less aircraft on a mission and if the target is destroyed you collect 1 less or 1 more VP (depending on whether you took 1 more or one less airframe)
  • Random Squadron Selection - you randomly choose aircraft...so no peeking

So I get 22 SOs for the Short campaign, +3 for the Campaign Options I've choosen and +8 for my aircraft selection (which was random) - 2xA7s = 8 SOs

This is a picture of my Pilots and my Campaign Sheet

This is a picture of my Campaign Log

This is a picture of the Tactical Display Card (mounted)

NB - This seems like an awful lot of SOs compared to Phantom Leader - but you'll be surprised how fast they get used up in this game!

Turn 1 might be some time as I've got a busy week - but I thought if I start this off, it'll make me get going on it.

JudgeDredd -> RE: DVG - Hornet Leader AAR (11/11/2012 6:54:16 PM)

A point about my experience with these Leader games from DVG...

I prefer Phantom Leader. There's something very raw about it. Hornet Leader has some great kit and some great weapons, is packed full of campaigns, events and targets - and yet with it's limited content I personally would still put Phantom Leader above it.

Of course that is my own personal view and it's mainly to do with the raw feel of Phantom Leader and also the era. Alot of other people may prefer Hornet Leader. The box is indeed packed to the gunnels. But I have to say - if Phantom Leader for me wins the competition in the version I have then I can only speculate on how Phantom Leader Deluxe will take the stage!

I do love all the games though. Living in an area where there aren't a great many wargamers around and no clubs etc...solitaire is very important to me...and the Leader games absolutely hit the mark. They are great games - each and every one of them.

wodin -> RE: DVG - Hornet Leader AAR (11/11/2012 9:09:28 PM)

Looking forward to this. I agree solo boardgames are something I'm very interested in. I'd rather play one than play a PC game..also the highly rated ones seem to have alot more to them than 99% of PC games. Plus it's tactile..which I like. I get a buzz at looking at countersheets for godsake..let alone maps and paging through the rules..

I have The battle for Normandy and every now and again I look at the unpunched countersheets...it's a buzz in itself..is that odd? Thats why though I' like you JD and prefer the PL era the HL contents get more excited. Thats why most likely TAL is the one for me..then PL deluxe..when it finally hits the number for reprint.

wodin -> RE: DVG - Hornet Leader AAR (11/14/2012 8:02:36 PM)

Sat here waiting ;)....

parusski -> RE: DVG - Hornet Leader AAR (11/14/2012 8:55:23 PM)


I get a buzz at looking at countersheets for godsake

And here I was thinking I was the only one.

fodder -> RE: DVG - Hornet Leader AAR (11/14/2012 8:59:12 PM)


ORIGINAL: parusski


I get a buzz at looking at countersheets for godsake

And here I was thinking I was the only one.

The two of you are not alone. [:)]

fodder -> RE: DVG - Hornet Leader AAR (11/14/2012 9:04:13 PM)

After looking at this thread I opened the closet door and there are all my old games. The only solo game I have or ever played is Avalon Hills 1983 B-17 Queen of the Skies. Never did get a B-17 to go twenty five missions.

fodder -> RE: DVG - Hornet Leader AAR (11/14/2012 9:15:26 PM)

Whoops I was wrong, I also have Avalon Hills 1987 Patton's Best. Funny I don't remember playing it. (getting old) I've opened it up and there are used after action reports in my hand writing. Seems my tank got burned up every game.

JudgeDredd -> RE: DVG - Hornet Leader AAR (11/14/2012 9:37:12 PM)

I'll get to it...it'll be slow for the moment though - this week is a busy week and I'm in Scotland at the weekend to see Scotland v South Africa - it will likely be Monday or Tuesday when I post an update I'm afraid

I knew I shouldn't have started it when I did [;)]

wodin -> RE: DVG - Hornet Leader AAR (11/14/2012 10:35:52 PM)

No problem..when your ready.

parusski -> RE: DVG - Hornet Leader AAR (11/14/2012 11:07:35 PM)


Whoops I was wrong, I also have Avalon Hills 1987 Patton's Best

Funny, Patton's Best was my first solo game. I loved it.

Jeffrey H. -> RE: DVG - Hornet Leader AAR (11/15/2012 3:20:06 AM)


ORIGINAL: fodder

After looking at this thread I opened the closet door and there are all my old games. The only solo game I have or ever played is Avalon Hills 1983 B-17 Queen of the Skies. Never did get a B-17 to go twenty five missions.

That was next to impossible I think.

nicwb -> RE: DVG - Hornet Leader AAR (11/15/2012 6:55:59 AM)

Pretty much - great game though -simple rules & endlessly replayable. I've always hoped someone would remake it as a computer game. There was an old apple II game sthat was similar called "50 mission crush"

Patton's Best was ok as well but the rules were complex - I've still got my old copy.

AH did another solo game called "Raid on Dieppe" that was ok

wodin -> RE: DVG - Hornet Leader AAR (11/15/2012 7:37:34 AM)

Read through the rules of Hornet and TAL last night. I see in Hornet in the example he had to roll once a turn to see if the center received another bandit. I think it was due to some die rill he had to do at the start of the campaign. Scary.

Still not sure what to get. I love the tactical feel to TAL. With battalions and forward lines etc etc..but it has no air to air combat in the shape of non helicopters. I love the planes (F14) in Hornet and I presume it has a great selection of bandits. JD, do you miss the air to air battles in TAL? Is the air to air combat not as important as you'd think in context of the Fun element?

I expect I will go for TAL. Though if I had both I'd follow the campaign rules on the website to play them at the same time..cool. Also Hornet is getting some crazy Cuthulu expansion! Though not sure that is a sell point or not ;).

I also like the added damage rules in TAL on the planes..infact I'd like to have seen abit more again like severe rudder damage where you can't turn right etc..though maybe that doesn't happen in modern jets..I'm probably showing that my usual air combat games are WW1.

I'd by WW1 leader..though I'm not sure it would work as it seems the Leader series is alot about munition type.

JudgeDredd -> RE: DVG - Hornet Leader AAR (11/15/2012 8:14:14 AM)

I vaguely remember thinking the Air was a "bit strong". For example you pull a Popup chit (I think if you are at High Altitude) and a helicopter can inflict 3 HARD hits on your aircraft - and I believe those are hits that need repairing using SOs OR just stay with you for the campaign...I'm doing this from memory so could be wrong. I remember one mission I had done I lost my helicopter and my A-10 came back with 1 structural hit, 2xBullet Holes, 1xPylon hit, 1xEngine chit and 1xHud damage.

The combat is brutal in TAL - and I'll get to that - hopefully before you decide what to get for Christmas.

Missing AtA combat in TAL? Yeah - it's not there in the same intensity as PL or HL - but there's plenty of other things going on. For example the damage model is fantastic. I love it. No more 2 hits and you're down. The A-10 can take 3 structural hits - but there are other chits like Pylon where you lose a Pylon and any weapons attached...and loads of others...all with an effect...some only lasting that mission and others lasting the campaign (though you can fix with SOs - but you have very few SOs once you've bought your aircraft).

That's what I was trying to get to before - the games (all 3) though all Leader games all bring something different to the gaming table and therefore it's difficult to put in any order

I might be able to kick off the Hornet Leader campaign tonight - so I can fit a TAL one in before Christmas.

JudgeDredd -> RE: DVG - Hornet Leader AAR (11/15/2012 8:25:25 AM)

Something I meant to mention on the first post is Campaign Difficulty. You can adjust the campaign difficulty by selecting disadvantages or advantages.

Like this:
  • ACE - Select 3 Disadvantages
  • VETERAN - Select 2 Disadvantages
  • SKILLED - Select 1 Disadvantage
  • AVERAGE - No Adjustment
  • GREEN - Select 1 Advantage
  • NEWBIE - Select 2 Advantages

The Disadvantages are :
  • Extra Stress - Pilots suffer 1 extra stress on a mission
  • Improved Sites/Bandits - Add 1 to site and bandit rolls
  • Extra Sites/Bandits - draw 1 extra site/bandit for the centre area
  • Reduced SOs - Short -6 SOs, Medium -15 SOs and Long -24 SOs

The Advantages are :
  • Less Stress - -1 Stress whe flying a mission
  • Downgraded Sites/Bandits - -1 to site/bandit rolls
  • Fewer Sites/Bandits - 1 less sites/bandit in the centre area
  • Increased SOs - Short +6 SOs, Medium +15 SOs, Long +24 SOs

I am doing an Average Campaign - do no advantages or disadvantages

wodin -> RE: DVG - Hornet Leader AAR (11/15/2012 9:30:05 AM)

Thanks for the info. I see some negative comments about the IOS version. I'm really on a campaign to get more boardgames converted. However I don't think solo boardgames convert well. You lose something along the way. The best conversions are ones where 1. You can't play it solo so need an AI and 2. Have rules that can get quite complex so the game plays easier as the PC is doing all that stuff for you.

A Solo boardgame usually already has manageable rules and the PC\IOS doesn't enhance it..all it does it take the tactile element away..which is a big loss.

JudgeDredd -> RE: DVG - Hornet Leader AAR (11/19/2012 6:45:16 PM)

I'll get back on this - tonight or tomorrow I'll do the next installment

wodin -> RE: DVG - Hornet Leader AAR (11/19/2012 7:20:24 PM)

Thanks mate.

JudgeDredd -> RE: DVG - Hornet Leader AAR (11/19/2012 10:34:25 PM)

Right - in this phase I draw Target Cards and select my target for the day, Determine and place enemy sites, assign pilots and arm aircraft.

Draw Target Cards
I look at the RECON track on the Campagin Card to determine how many cards I can pull. For this campaign for the first day I get to pick 3 targets.

The targets are
  • Supply Fleet
  • Government Building
  • Attack FLeet

I choose Attack Fleet because it's closer and gives the most VPs. Down side is it's heavily defended and with the 1 Bandit mentioned at the bottom of the card, I have to pull 1 extra Bandit chit each turn

This'll be a tough one - and using all my aircraft might leave me a bit weak for the next few missions!

During this phase I also choose whether to purchase (by paying 2xSOs) to draw 2 more targets...if I'm not happy with the ones I've got. I choose not to.

You can also choose to stand down (Down Time) and not fly a mission. Again - I choose not to.

Notes on the Card Details
Top right is the target number
Middle Left shows the number of Sites and Bandits to pull for each Approach Area and Over the Target and the number of hits required to destroy the target
Middle Centre shows the number of aircraft you can take (and I believe you can take less than the suggested)
Middle Right shows the VPs on offer and the number of moves you can move the Recon and/or Intel and/or Infra counters to the right
Bottom shows important points on the target. They are
    Supply Fleet
  • Vehicle - some weapons gain an advantage against vehicles
  • Penalty - If you do not destroy the target you must pay this penalty

    Government Building
  • Fixed - JDAM weapons can only attack Fixed Targets from 1999 to 2008
  • Overkill - Hit the target this number of times to gain the bonus mentioned (in this case 18+ hits gets you and additional VP)

    Attack Fleet
  • Bandit - draw this number of bandits and place over the target (centre area) each turn
  • Vehicle - as above
  • Improvement - when a card is drawn with this attribute, then it stays until destroyed (even if you are not attacking it - the fact that it's drawn means it stays available to be targeted until you do so and destroy it). Whilst it's active, you MUST carry out the instruction noted - in this example you must move the Recon counter 1 to the left until at the end of each day.

JudgeDredd -> RE: DVG - Hornet Leader AAR (11/19/2012 11:18:56 PM)

After drawing sites, this is the Target Area and Approaches. I had to pull 3 Sites for each Approach Area and 3 for Over the Target

This is the Campaign Map and the Pilots. Note I have selected Teflon as the Flight Leader as he is most senior in experience. Flight Leaders can gain a extra attacks for himself, or assign them to other pilots

Becuas eof the location of the target, all pilots will suffer a -2WP penalty...meaning I will have to carry less weapons...unless I spend SOs to take the Tanker Priority - removing the WP penalty. This differs from Phantom Leader. In Phantom Leader you paid a certain number of SOs depending on how many aircraft you were taking along. In Hornet Leader you pay 1 SO for each aircraft...at that cost, I'm not sure if I'll be doing so - but I won't know if I'll need to until I start arming aircraft.

Next will be arming the aircraft - but I'm too tired to do that just now as it's quite a lengthy process with 8 pilots!

wodin -> RE: DVG - Hornet Leader AAR (11/19/2012 11:35:23 PM)

This looks like it's going to be a tough one...

JudgeDredd -> RE: DVG - Hornet Leader AAR (11/20/2012 12:21:12 AM)

You know you were asking about aircraft losses in these games - keep watching. I have a strange feeling!

JudgeDredd -> RE: DVG - Hornet Leader AAR (11/20/2012 9:58:33 PM)

Arm Aircraft
Right...so arming the aircraft. I have to decide whether to use the Tanker Priority or not. If I don't each aircraft will be subject to a -2WP penalty. If I do - I have to spend 8 SOs to use it. However - I also know I want to take some Phoenix AtA missiles - and they cost 1 SO each!

It's a pickle - because 1 of my aircraft (Crunch in the EA-6B Prowler) cannot carry any "normal" weapons - only AGM-88s! So I'm already low on WPs.

I'm not going to continue this campaign after the first turn...it's a short AAR to show gameplay...so it'd be easy for me to make the decision to use as many SOs as I want...however I will play it like I am playing the campaign - so the hard decisions of what you are going to do are apparent.

So...taking that into account, I much prefer the idea of using my SOs to take some Phoenix missiles - so I am not taking the Tanker Priority option.

Note on Phoenix AtA Missiles
There is a Phoenix Missile Attack phase which happens before the Over Target phase...and the F-14s get to fire their Phoenix missiles at enemy bandits before any other attack phase...so very handy for clearing the skies.

Note on EA-6B Prowler
Becuase of the electronics in the Prowler, it affords a -1 to enemy rolls attacking any aircraft in it's area and a -1 for enemy attacks on it (I'm not sure if this is in addition to the -1 for the area and will have to check the rules)

So - armament

Given the potential number of enemy aircraft (15 all told +1 extra each turn and +3 in the centre (becuase of the position of the Intel chit)) I'm going to make the two Tomcats AtA platforms carrying Sidewinders and/or Sparrows and Phoenix missiles. The Prowler will carry it's AGM-88s. The rest will be mostly AtG
    TEFLON - F14 Tomcat
  • 4xAIM54 Phoenix (4xSOs used)
  • 1xAIM9 Sidewinder
  • 1xAIM7 Sparrow

    BISON- F14 Tomcat
  • 4xAIM54 Phoenix (4xSOs used)
  • 1xAIM9 Sidewinder
  • 1xAIM7 Sparrow

    CRUNCH - EA-6B Prowler
  • 4xAGM88 HARM

    TALON - F/A18C Hornet
  • 4xMK82
  • 2xMK20 Rockeye

    COWBOY - F/A18C Hornet
  • 4xMK82
  • 2xMK20 Rockeye

    EXTRA - A6 Intruder
  • 5xMK83

    PLUTO - A7 Corsair II
  • 5xMK82

    SPIKE - A7 Corsair II
  • 3xMK83
  • 2xAIM9 Sidewinder

The MK82s are a risk as you've only really got 1 half decent chance to hit (7 and 10 being required rolls)...but all in all I have 55 potential hits worth of iron bomb AtG...though realistically I'd say it was more like 30 - and possibly less. Also bear in mind I have no idea what Event Cards I'll pull before I'm over the target and then there is the air threat...potentially 18 bandits +1 each turn! I do have 14 AtA weapons...but again, not all will hit!

This is the squadron tasked for the strike

Just choosing armaments for my flight and writing up this section of the AAR took almost 2 hours!!

JudgeDredd -> RE: DVG - Hornet Leader AAR (11/24/2012 3:27:47 PM)

Target Bound Phase
First thing to do on this phase is to pick a Target Bound Event card. These come in all sorts of flavours and can affect you positively or negatively. The one I turn over is...

Target Bound Event Card
Important Target
Gain +1 Victory Point if the target is destroyed.

Place Aircraft
Next, I have to place my aircraft. You can split your aircraft in any way you want OR keep them all together. I'm not entirely sure of the benefits of splitting your force - especially when you have a Prowler which gives a -1 to all enemy rolls targeting the area. So I'll not be splitting them.

You have to analyse the enemy sites prsent and try to determine where you could punch a hole in the defences whilst coming under as little fire as possible. Looking at the target area and approaches, I place all my aircraft in the South West Stand Off Attack Area. By doing this, I'll be able to attack the SA-11 in the Target Area and stay away from the SA-2 up north. I will be in reach of the SA-11s (there's one in the Eastern Approach Area too) anywhere on the board.

Determine and Place Bandits
The next part of this phase is to determine and place bandits. You put the counters into a cup and draw them blindly one at a time. The result is
    Western Approach
  • Mig-21

    Northern Approach
  • Mig-21

    Eastern Approach
  • Mig-29
  • Mig-23

    Southern Approach
  • Mig-21
  • Mig-23

    Target Area
  • 2xMig-29

So - 8 bandits...+1 each turn...ouch. I know I have 8 Phoenix missiles - but lets be honest - they're not all going to hit.

NBA note on the aircraft. You'll see that some aircraft have a + number in the top left corner. You ADD this to your roll when attacking these aircraft. It's to reflect the lesser technology of those particular aircraft.

Intel Air Defence Adjustment
For this I have to check the INTEL track and adjust accordingly - and bad news is that the INTEL track is pointing to +3 Centre Bandits - so I have to pick 3 bandits for the Centre Area. I pull 2xNo Bandits and 1xMig-23.

Over Target Event Card
Smart Weapon Restock
Sites and Bandits suffer -1 on die rolls against low aircraft over target

Phoenix Missile Phase
I fire my phoenix missiles...all 8. I target the Western, Northern, Southern and Target Areas...and the Mig-29 in the Eastern Area...8 missiles fired at 8 targets (it must have been gut wreniching for the US to get rid of such a useful weapon and platform!)

The good thing about the Phoenix Missile attacks is that AtG ordinance modifiers are not applied.

The results are:
TEFLON (+2 AtA Bonus to rolls)
    Western Approach
  • Mig-21 - Roll 2 +2 Bonus = 4 - MISS!

    Northern Approach
  • Mig-21 - Roll 3 +2 Bonus = 5 - MISS!

    Southern Approach
  • Mig-21 - Roll 3 +2 Bonus = 5 - MISS!
  • Mig-23 - Roll 9 +2 Bonus = 11 - HIT!

    Eastern Approach (+1 AtA Bonus to rolls)
  • Mig-29 - Roll 8 +1 Bonus = 9 - HIT!

    Target Area
  • 1xMig-29 - Roll 6 +1 Bonus = 7 - HIT!
  • 1xMig-29 - Roll 10 +1 Bonus = 11 - HIT!
  • Mig-23 - Roll 6 +1 Bonus = 7 - HIT!

At least Bison was on the ball!

Unfortunately there are still 4 Bandits over the target area - and there will be (possibly) an additional one each turn over target!

This is the battlefield at the start of the first turn

JudgeDredd -> RE: DVG - Hornet Leader AAR (11/24/2012 3:54:25 PM)

I have to stop there - rugby is on! More tomorrow

wodin -> RE: DVG - Hornet Leader AAR (11/24/2012 5:47:05 PM)

Great fight so far..looks scary though.

JudgeDredd -> RE: DVG - Hornet Leader AAR (11/24/2012 9:02:47 PM)

Yep - Stay tuned - tomorrow's turns will be ruthless I expect when I have to get down low

JudgeDredd -> RE: DVG - Hornet Leader AAR (11/25/2012 3:48:37 PM)

Over Target - 1(x5)
Because of the target, I have to draw 1 Bandit at the beginning of each turn. So I pull a chit and it's No Bandit.

Next is the Jettison Decision - and I choose not to (why would I on the first turn?!)

Fast Pilots Attack
If you have any fast pilots, then they can attack this turn.

I have 1 Fast Pilot - BISON. He can attack the Mig-21 in the Southern Approach Area or the Mig-21 in the Western Approach Area with his AIM-7 Sparrow and decides to attack the one in the Southern Approach Area. He rolls a 3 and with his +1AtA attribute - it's a 4 and a miss! I guess his luck has run out. I'm going to struggle with these bandits about!

I do have something else I can use...Situational Awareness. Pilots with Situational Awareness can use that to have another attack (either during the Fast Attack Phase if they are slow or during the Slow Attack Phase if they are fast). TEFLON has a Situational Awareness point. More-over, because he's the Flight Leader, he can assign that point to another pilot. As the SA-11s are more dangerous than the Mig-21s in reach, he assigns his SA point to CRUNCH to fire his AGM-88 at an SA-11.

CRUNCH Attacks the SA-11 5n the Centre Area...rolls a 1! With a +1 AtG that's 2...damn...only needed a 4 for th AGM-88! MISS!

Sites and Bandits Attack
The enemy can only attack with the SA-11 in the Centre Area and the SA-11 in the Eastern Approach Area.

The SA-11 in the Centre Area attacks EXTRA. I could suppress...but do not want to lose my AGM-88...so I rely on his evasion. For evasion I gain 2 stress and roll two dice for the attack, choosing the lowest. 4 and 3 are rolled. With the -1 modifier from the Prowler, that's 3 and 2. A 2 is a hit - but only inflicting 1 stress...but that's EXTRA at the limit of his "normal" stress level. Anymore stress and he'll be shaken - incurring a -1AtG penalty!

The SA-11 in the Eastern Area opens up and targets EXTRA again. This time CRUNCH has to open up with his AGM-88! He fires one to suppress the SA-11 and rolls 7 (+1 AtG modifier = 8) and the site is suppressed. EXTRA continues - unaware of the danger he was in.

There are no bandits in range to attack the squadron.

Slow Pilots Attack
Even though CRUNCH has attacked in the Fast phase - that was by using an SA point - so he still gets to attack in the slow phase. I have no other pilots with weapons who can attack.

He fires an AGM-88 at the SA-11 site in the Centre Area. He rolls a 5 and with his +1 AtG modifier - that's 6...giving him a hit! The SA-11 is consumed by fire.

Pilots Move and Adjust Altitude
My pilots progress into the Western Pre-Approach Area and drop low - except CRUNCH who need to stay high to fire his AGM-88. Even though I don't need to take CRUNCH along, I need his -1 modifier to site and bandit rolls.

Bandits Move
Bandits get to move. The rule is if a bandit can attack my units from where it is, then it doesn't move. If it cannot, it moves to the closest set of aircraft. All bandits have to move except the Mig-21 in the Western Approach Area. The Mig-21s in the Southern and Northern Approach Areas moves into the Western Approach area and the Mig-23 in the Eastern Approach Area moves into the Centre Area.

End Turn
Right...advance turn counter

This is the situation at the start of Turn 2.

This is the state of my Squadron at the end of Turn 1/start of Turn 2
there's an error above where I haven't flipped Spike over to low altitude - I have no problems flipping him before the next turn because it's just an oversight - the intention was already stated to move all pilots to low altitude

wodin -> RE: DVG - Hornet Leader AAR (11/25/2012 3:55:39 PM)

Worried about Crunch..some painful misses there..

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