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Zaratoughda -> Finally playing FWTP... some comments (11/8/2012 11:58:37 PM)

Finally started playing FTWP.... with the Netherlands scenario and... this is an interesting scenario but only has a finite amout of playing value (e.g. once you have won the scenario not much value after that). I actually lost the first time, well, gave up before the last turn as I could not reach the objectives needed to win. The second time, made a greater effort to move forward faster and, was set to win on the last turn but the Dutch govenment capitulated and that was that. After this, could play again on harder difficulty I guess but that is about it.

One problem.... if I select the OOB screen and some of the options at the bottom, like showing naval and air and rear units.... if I kill the screen and then bring it back, it does not remember my selections. It should remember these.

Same for the information bar. If I drop this and then bring it back up, it does not remember if I had it on 'unit details' and always resets to 'officer information' or 'unit troops'.

So, a few 'fine tunings' needed here IMO.


DeriKuk -> RE: Finally playing FWTP... some comments (11/20/2012 9:35:22 PM)

Absolutely a "me too".  Come on Vic.  It cannot be that difficult, considering your imprfessive skills. [;)]

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