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Phoenix100 -> mini maps (11/7/2012 7:13:26 PM)

Can anyone help? I cannot see the mini maps unless I use a magnifying glass. My screen res is 1920x1080. For the Antietam maps I used a mod - the Adukes mod, I think. But it doesn't work for chancellorsville. Is there any way to get the Chancellorsville mini maps bigger? Thanks.

Little Powell -> RE: mini maps (11/8/2012 2:31:07 AM)

We tried to get clearer with the text for the mini-maps for Chancellorsville, but we understand it is an area where we would like improvement. It is simply because the original design for the mini-map was based off of the 2.5 mile maps, and now we are double that with 5x5 mile.

Only advice I can offer right now is to post on the NSD forum and request a mod. ADukes just might create a mod for it at some point. Or if you are computer savvy, you can create one yourself by referencing ADukes mod.

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