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Gribeauval -> Ambush bug ? (11/5/2012 9:27:56 AM)

My unit was at 2 hex from an enemy town that seemed unoccupied.
I have clicked on the move button, the town was highlighted and I have clicked on the town to move this unit in it.
The town was occupied by enemy units that were concealed.
Instead of moving into an ambush, my unit has ended its move adjacent to the enemy stack outside the town.

Should not a surprise combat have been initiated, since the destination was the town itself (that was occupied by the enemy)?

The Red Baron -> RE: Ambush bug ? (11/6/2012 12:00:39 AM)

This has happened to me before, too. I think whether or not your unit gets ambushed depends on the inherent reconnaisance capability of the unit in question. I've noticed certain units, especially Soviet tank brigades, seem to blunder into ambushes more readily than units which contain lots of infantry. Your unit probably spotted the enemy unit at a distance of 10km and stopped short of its move order to escape the ambush. IIRC, the mechanism for an ambush is not explained in the manual; but, it's probably influenced by the amount of infantry in the unit, the unit's experience and a random factor rather than occuring with definite certainty each time. Maybe the Corps/Army staff experience also influences its probability?

stonestriker -> RE: Ambush bug ? (11/9/2012 3:51:16 PM)

Another potential ambush bug:

I tried to move a militia unit inside a city in enemy territory and was ambushed by two fighter squadrons!.

Since air units always retreat when attacked, they should be able to stop a unit from entering a city

The Red Baron -> RE: Ambush bug ? (11/9/2012 4:12:11 PM)

I'm not sure why two fighter squadrons should be allowed to "amubush" a ground unit (every time this has happend to me, my units stop short of the hex occupied by the enemy air unit w/o being ambushed), but if your militia still has enough action points to enter the hex, attack it immediately. Although the air units will retreat, they lose ALL their aircraft in the process; you turn them into empty shells.

Vic -> RE: Ambush bug ? (11/10/2012 10:00:02 AM)

Its not really an ambush perse but more like surprise enemy contact as well. Thats why its only 2 rounds and the movement stops. It is one of the disadvantages of advancing with really small forces.

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