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drillerman -> In response to some requests. (11/4/2012 4:49:07 PM)

Hi everyone,
I am still enjoying DW when I get time to play. In fact the more I play the more I come to realize how far ahead this game is in just about all aspects......and I am looking forward to the new expansion when it arrives.
I would still like to be able to mod the UI, even just the buttons would be good as the current ones are not immersive. This has always been a pet hate of mine and is well documented elsewhere. I have also been reading many threads here and elsewhere on the subject of pricing for DW and its expansions and would just say that if I have just discovered this game I would not be able pay the amount required, which would be my loss as this game is just leaps and bounds aheads of anything out there at the moment..and believe me I have played them all on most formats over the last 23 years!..............argh!!!
Sorry, just fell of my soapbox!
Anyway, the reason I am posting is because I have had a few requests from members of this forum PM'ing me to make available the barren rock planets I edited when DW first came out. It is not my work. So here they are in three zip's below because of the single file download limit.


drillerman -> RE: In response to some requests. (11/4/2012 4:50:15 PM)

zip 1

drillerman -> RE: In response to some requests. (11/4/2012 4:50:54 PM)

zip 2

drillerman -> RE: In response to some requests. (11/4/2012 4:51:31 PM)

zip 3

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