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The Red Baron -> Reinforcement Arrival (11/4/2012 4:12:45 PM)

While combing through the reinforcement schedules for both sides, I noticed several units had incomplete or incorrect dates listed for their arrival. It's a not a big deal as most players would be able to guess when the units will arrive or could check their reports at the beginning of the turn. I mention this just in case the incorrect or incomplete dates might cause a hiccup with the game engine and prevent their arrival. I haven't progressed far enough in Uranus to know if it causes problems for the Soviet side, and, of course, I can't see the Axis side.


The Red Baron -> RE: Reinforcement Arrival (11/4/2012 4:13:05 PM)

Second screenshot...


Vic -> RE: Reinforcement Arrival (11/5/2012 7:35:34 AM)

And another thanks! :)
Great job catching these little glitches.
Adding it also to the fixing list for v1.05.


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