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The Red Baron -> Mismatched Prestige (11/4/2012 3:55:11 PM)

In the attached screenshot, I'm playing Uranus as the Soviets and captured Stalingrad 2 weeks (7 turns) into the fighting; however, the colors used to represent prestige for the Germans and the Soviets have been swapped by mistake. German prestige, represented in red, dropped to zero after the fall of Stalingrad. Soviet prestige, represented in Gray, increased to 24; however, the colors used for each side should be the other way around. It's not a big deal; just thought I'd mention it as a minor fix for the next update.


Vic -> RE: Mismatched Prestige (11/5/2012 7:33:36 AM)

Thanks for spotting. Its probably because of the reversed start order in this scenario. Checking it out and fixing it for v1.05. ETA in a few weeks at most.


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