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kingy10kingy -> How To Edit Unit Stats? (11/4/2012 12:19:46 PM)

Hi all,

Im trying to edit unit stats:

For an example if I wanted to make heavy bombers more effective against land units , how would this be achieved?

thanks in advance

bebro -> RE: How To Edit Unit Stats? (11/4/2012 2:08:55 PM)

Basically you would need to up stats for soft and hard attack.

Though strategical bombers by design are not so much for direct damage, their value vs. land units is more that they destroy ammo and fuel reserves of attacked units.

Anyway to edit those stats you either open the equipment file in an editor (notepad will do) and enter other stats directly. Just make sure you have backed up the file before in case something goes wrong. And don't change the save format, or mess up tabs.

Other ways are to work with the file in Excel, or to get the unit editor by from mgarnett here:

El Condoro -> RE: How To Edit Unit Stats? (11/7/2012 9:34:26 AM)

Another way is to do it on an ad hoc basis through the leaders attached to units. If you want a bomber to be more effective in HA then create a leader with a name and HA of +2 or whatever. This can affect SA, MV, Att, Def and spotting range. Of course, only that unit is affected - if you want all units of an equipment type to be changed, see above. :)

kingy10kingy -> RE: How To Edit Unit Stats? (11/7/2012 11:26:16 AM)

Thanks guys , i think editing with notepad would be less complex. I cant see the equipment file anywhere, can you tell me where i can find it ?

VPaulus -> RE: How To Edit Unit Stats? (11/7/2012 12:04:06 PM)

The equipment file is in the data folder.
If you're using notepad beware with the tabs separating columns.

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