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Red_Dwarf -> Suggestions? (11/1/2012 7:26:51 PM)

I'm the Ikkuro. I am the most powerful empire in my current game and have recently acquired a WD. The Shandar offered me a mutual defense pact. You can see where they are military-wise. At this stage, I want to concentrate on peaceful expansion. My dilemma is whether to accept their offer and risk getting pulled into a war, or stay away and risk someone else conquering them and gaining more power in the process.


Modest -> RE: Suggestions? (11/1/2012 7:32:37 PM)

My advice - stay on Your own. You do not need them really, and I am sure that Even if somebody will conquer them You will gain territory much faster by normal expansion than that someone would by conquering them. Also it is not an easy task to take somebodys homeworld so I would not be affraid of that too much.

Shark7 -> RE: Suggestions? (11/1/2012 7:37:23 PM)

Trust me, no one will want to start a war with you. [;)]

Granted I am a totally different player than you are, my idea of a good time is wiping out every other empire in the game. My advice is to simply not accept the mutual defense treaties, because they will start wars among themselves and drag you into it. Even with out the MDP, they aren't going to be trying to start wars with you.

Haree78 -> RE: Suggestions? (11/1/2012 8:15:20 PM)

I tend to play in a more roleplay fashion and so would offer to protect the Shandar as a benevolent all powerful Empire. It also draws me in to more interesting decisions and conflicts when I do so :)

pipewrench -> RE: Suggestions? (11/2/2012 1:20:03 AM)


Modest ,Shark7 and Haree78 are all correct.

Have you always ran peacefully? If you have maybe it is time to run to the dark side and take the offer.
Flip a coin and have fun. I have had great experiences with games where making the wrong decision really opens up challenges you normally would never face.

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