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LiquidSky -> Microsoft Surface (10/30/2012 8:17:09 AM)

I picked up a Microsoft Surface on Friday, and have discovered that it is not a bad way to play Case Blue. I use it to remote in to my main computer and run the game that way. The buttons are not bad to click, and I can use the touch pad on my Touch Cover.

Vic -> RE: Microsoft Surface (10/30/2012 8:58:16 AM)


But how do you make the scrolling work on a tablet?


76mm -> RE: Microsoft Surface (10/30/2012 9:19:07 AM)

Thanks, nice to know, I hadn't thought about the idea of remoting it.

LiquidSky -> RE: Microsoft Surface (10/30/2012 3:44:13 PM)

The tablet has a touch cover, with keys and a mouse pad, so scrolling is not that difficult. As well, it has Bluetooth, and I can put a Bluetooth mouse on it.

I tried doing the same thing with splashtop and the iPad, but it wasn't as useful.

The speed on the surface is good, but then, I am remoting in at my house over my own network. Going to have to try it over the internet.

mkjhartmann -> RE: Microsoft Surface (11/2/2012 10:59:28 PM)

Actually I've been running it on my Samsung Android tablet for weeks.  Set the computer to the 1280x800 resolution, use Splashtop2, log-in and game from bed.  Very great fun, and comfy in those Colorado winter nights.

mkjhartmann -> RE: Microsoft Surface (11/2/2012 11:03:44 PM)


on my android implementation I just set the computer resolution to 1280x800 and then launch Splashtop2, attach a bluetooth mouse to my tablet, and things work great. Yours are my favorite games, and that I can play them at night, without waking up the wife is a special treat.

Thanks for having taught me tons of history, and entertained me for so many hours. Keep up your great work.


LiquidSky -> RE: Microsoft Surface (11/3/2012 1:20:53 AM)

I put splashtop on the wife's iPad, but she doesn't let me play with it very often [:(]

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