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solops -> Political Point Production Question (10/29/2012 2:55:16 AM)

Do you need to assign political point production to an HQ?
Does PP production suffer from the "distance to HQ" production penalty?
If Political Points are sent to different HQs, do they all wind up in the same pool for use the next turn?

I would also ask the same three questions about supplies.

LazyBoy -> RE: Political Point Production Question (10/29/2012 3:00:46 AM)

Q1 yes

Q2 Not sure

Q3 yes

Twotribes -> RE: Political Point Production Question (10/29/2012 5:58:27 AM)

Political Points go into a single pool but must be assigned to a HQs.

I am not sure about the distance question.

Supply will move from the Hqs assigned to lower level Hqs of that Appointed HQs. It does NOT go into a single pool. And it is effected by distance.

One can check the pool of excess supply and supply use of any Hqs on the map. Click on the Hqs. Towards the bottom middle is 3 buttons, the middle one will tell you about that Hqs supply, the first one shows your units like you are used to and the third has to do with ability to send things distance wise and such.

ernieschwitz -> RE: Political Point Production Question (10/29/2012 8:42:00 AM)

PP production has to be assigned to a HQ and that HQ has to be within production range.

Josh -> RE: Political Point Production Question (10/29/2012 10:00:22 AM)


ORIGINAL: ernieschwitz

PP production has to be assigned to a HQ and that HQ has to be within production range.

Exactly. I can add that if the production range is exceeded you can see that in the production tab of that city. Say it produces 10 PP's per turn, but because the distance is too great (depending on the weather too... mud gets you extra penalties for movement) it stacks the PP's. So in two turns that city has produced 20 PP but only 7 of them get sent back all the way to the SHQ. The remaining 13 are still in that town, until you get that town connected to your railnetwork.

There is however a workaround for this, even in the most remote cities you can create a new unit, even a HQ, without having any troops in it whatsoever. An empty HQ. Now you set that city to produce PP's for that HQ, an presto all the PP's get back into the pool.

solops -> RE: Political Point Production Question (10/31/2012 5:15:32 PM)

What if all my cities ARE connected by rail, but some are 50 or 60 hexes away from my head HQ. Rail still costs 10 AP per hex meaning that it would exceed the 250 AP limit to get back to the head HQ. As I understand it, that means no supply or equipment production can be sent back to the head HQ without setting up a network af HQs leading back to the head HQ. Are you saying that political points are treated differently from all other produced items, such as infantry, supply and raw materials?

Josh -> RE: Political Point Production Question (10/31/2012 10:45:14 PM)

"are you saying...?" Yep.
I usually play on very large maps, and *if* properly connected via a railnetwork production tends to flow to the Supreme HeadQuarter without problems, it tends to run into problems when there's some islands involved plus some harbours... then production begins to stack up, only a part of it or none at all gets delivered to the SHQ. You can check that out yourself when you're in the production screen. Now if you create a new HQ into that city and set that city to produce all of its stuff for that HQ *all* of it gets delivered.
There have been discussions on how to make that (production) more "realistic", say everything is delivered locally. Troops and tanks are created near a city. Sounds great *but* it has the huge disadvantage that it creates a whole bunch of extra mouse clicks without adding to the gameplay. We don't want extra mouseclicks [:D] Then there has been a discussion about a real supply mod, things like supply and oil and ore flow magically to the SHQ, that is open for improvement, i.e. make it more "real" ... without creating extra mouse clicks or make it like a chore. So yeah this may still change in a future patch... Vic is still working on ATG (double [&o] [&o] )

Anyways keep a close eye on the production screens and you'll get the hang of it.

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