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demyansk -> Defeating AA and other question (10/28/2012 12:11:29 PM)

I was wondering about the best method to destroy AA units that are usually located next to an important city hex.

It seems that you have to soften up the city with JU87's but then a AA unit is close by.

Also, I started the DLC 1943 campaign and I lost all my units in the 42 campaign so I started with the units given and it had me at 10,500 points, sounds correct?

The Stalingrad scenarios in 1942 DLC was impossible for me.

Shawkhan -> RE: Defeating AA and other question (10/28/2012 2:48:19 PM)

I use fast recon or fighters to locate AA. Outflank positions to get at AA from the ground,attacking with armor and/or artillery. Once AA is weakened or suppressed(red), then you can even finish it off with airstrikes.
It is important to attack in the correct order, depending on the target. Attacking AA first with air is a disaster, but after it is suppressed air is a great way to finish AA off.
If you simply Must attack AA from the air first, using Strategic bombers is much safer.
I am guessing that you are advancing too fast in the basic game. I would recommend that you only advance as fast as your artillery cover can move. Using sturmpanzers adjacent to back-up every frontline unit will drastically reduce your casualty rate as they will suppress enemy attackers before they can cause much damage. Using your fighters to cover your units from the air is also a great tactic.

demyansk -> RE: Defeating AA and other question (10/28/2012 4:28:36 PM)

Thanks for that info, sort of what I do most of the time but the AI loves AA

Josh -> RE: Defeating AA and other question (10/28/2012 7:13:44 PM)

Indeed the AI loves AA, and it is a great and efficient way to defend a city. So like Shawkan says you have to carefully manoeuver around it, this can take a few turns... which you sometimes don't have. So then you use your Strategic Bombers. Still it can be quite costly to do so, and it's a puzzle to solve every time, get the timing wrong and one of your units will be exposed too... at the wrong place at the wrong time lol.

The_Drill_SGT -> RE: Defeating AA and other question (12/16/2012 10:08:20 PM)

the following steps work well. the typical config is a fortified inf in the town, backed by an AA and a towed arty in a trianglar set-up.

1. locate, by recon or putting a fighter onto the town (but not attacking)
2. move a SP arty in range of the AA. Fire
3. attack the AA with a Strat bomber
4. attack the arty with a tac bomber
5. attack towed arty with tank
6. attack AA with ground unit
7. use the fighter to atk town,
8. align for taking the town next turn.

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