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Darino -> Those poor, poor Russians (10/28/2012 3:54:22 AM)

Playing the Barbarosa North campaign as the Russians, up to December/1943. My question is, do the Russians EVER get any tanks better than the Mark IV's? Otherwise, i may as well not bother playing much further, as the Germans have plenty of Panzer IVF2's, V's, and VIE's. And Lord knows the Russian infantry is useless, as well as all i have are the 45 mm anti-tank guns. Plus the Germans have about 2 dozen artillery pieces, and I am lucky to have a couple units of 76mm field guns. I have made it to Brigadier General and have gotten my army size increased to it's full potential i assume. So, are the Mark IV's it for my poor comrades?? lol

(funny though, when i have played as the germans, the russians have all these assualt tanks with amazing fire power by the beginning of 1943, and deadly artillery at the very beginning of the campaign itself, including 85 mm guns, while i have been lucky to get the IVF2's by the beginning of 1943. Yeah...i am whining..ha!)

Warhorse -> RE: Those poor, poor Russians (10/28/2012 2:12:47 PM)

Well, if you feel like some editing each scenario, you can open the CPN file and replace the different tanks with other types, or, you can change the org files to only give certain types! Either way involves editing, probably better in the long run to go the campaign00.oob direction, and change the types. Takes awhile, and always back up your stock files, but it works!!

Warhorse -> RE: Those poor, poor Russians (10/28/2012 6:29:51 PM)

What unit are you playing as?

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