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NotOneStepBack -> Soviet Tank / Mechanized / Rifle Corp (10/26/2012 2:27:19 AM)

Another simple question for you more veteran players out there, what SU's do you attach to your corps units at the soviet? Sappers?

Don77 -> RE: Soviet Tank / Mechanized / Rifle Corp (10/26/2012 4:10:46 AM)


I start w 2 SU per Corps and add a third into 43 onwards as follows

Cav Corps
Sapper Regt
Indep Tk Bn (becomes Regt)
Later add Mdm SU Regt

Rifle Corps
Sapper Regt
41b AT Arty Regt
Later add 41 b AT Rifle Regt or a second sapper regt

Tk or Mech Corps
Sapper Regt
41 b AT Arty Regt
Later add Hvy Tank or Hvy SU Regt ?


Wally Wilson -> RE: Soviet Tank / Mechanized / Rifle Corp (10/26/2012 5:06:27 AM)

I also like putting medium tanks or SP guns in my Cav corps. I'm not sure about sappers unless you are going to motorize them.

In Rifle corps, its a real PITA, but I try to attach SU's depending on the situation. If assaulting an Inf line, add something with soft target damage, like flamethrowers - SP guns are good for this too, ofc. Infantry loaded up with AT in a second line to help protect against breakthroughs is something to consider.

If you are trying for an armor breakthrough, consider adding some recon type SU's which presumably add to your scouting values and improve your detection levels against enemy forces.

Klydon -> RE: Soviet Tank / Mechanized / Rifle Corp (10/26/2012 7:27:43 PM)

My list sort of looks like Don77, except for tank and mech corps.

Tank corps I figure will have a high probability of being attacked by German armor, so I like putting AT regiments in there. I don't generally put extra tanks in a tank corps. I will add a sapper regiment to help up the infantry part of the tank corps.

Mech corps, I will also put an AT regiment in there, but will tend to use more sappers if I am looking to break a second line/strong point.

Infantry corps: sappers and tank regiments, no AT units.

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